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Tina Wu


A senior in SHA with interests in Human Resources and Food & Beverage while also minoring in Economics, TasteBUds writer, Xiawei “Tina” Wu is a well-rounded individual. Having been born and raised in Guangzhou, China before going to Minnesota for high school, Tina’s childhood was spent in China’s vert own food capital. Tina’s favorite culinary experience was watching her grandmother cook, something that sparked her own interest in cooking and food.

Tina’s skills as a baker are nothing short of brilliant. Having contributed several incredible dessert recipes in the past, Tina’s recent recipe for Matcha Mousse is what won her “Featured Member” for the month of February. When it comes to eating, Tina prefers a mix of healthy and guilty pleasures: she is not one to shy away from a juice cleanse, but she loves her sugar and desserts. Tina’s three favorite things to eat include salads, omelets, and ice cream.

When it comes to cooking in general, Tina needs to have vegetables in her pantry: she loves how versatile they can be when it comes to different preparations and dishes. Tina both loves being witty with her words and clever with her cooking, something that makes her a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen and as a writer for TasteBUds.

Being friends with both TasteBUds’ Editor-in-Chief, Fred Chang and previous Featured Member, Corinne Ognibene, Tina loves sitting together with her friends and hearing about their own unique culinary experiences. Tina hopes to one day open her own pastry shop, where she can continue to create her beautiful East-meets-West desserts.


Class Year: Senior

Major: Hospitality Administration

Position in TasteBUds: Writer

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Her favorite article: NYC Summit