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Where to Find Poutine in Boston


Where to Find Poutine in Boston


Photos and Words by Amanda DeJesus

Poutine: Noun, Canadian. A dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

For all of you that have heard of this French-Canadian delicacy and have never had the chance to try it, you’re in luck. Boston actually has several places where you can stuff your face with poutine. And trust me, you’ll want to.

1. Saus

Saus is a street food restaurant with delicious sandwiches, a killer beer list, and waffle sundaes, but you gotta try their poutine. Since Saus is so well known for their Belgian-style fries, it’s no surprise that their version of the dish does the Great White North justice. You can choose different toppings including pork belly, bacon, truffled mushrooms, deep fried egg, and braised beef.

2. The Gallows

The Gallows is a trendy gastropub in the South End that I had the pleasure of visiting with the TasteBUds crew. When it comes to poutine, you have three options: simple, veggie, or out-of-control. The out-of-control poutine is their daily special. When we got ours, it had braised beef and beans with a barbeque sauce in addition to the traditional cheese curds and gravy. They’ve also been known to put foie-gras or blueberries on top. Trust us, it’s good.

3. The Lower Depths

Conveniently located in Kenmore Square, the Lower Depths puts a new spin on the original poutine by exchanging french fries for tater tots. The tots retained their crunchiness even when saturated with gravy and (extra) cheese curds. It’s different, but it’s awesome. Stop by the ATM on your way there; the Lower Depths is cash only.