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Tryst: A Love Affair with Food


Tryst: A Love Affair with Food


Photos and Words by The Trio

Between its three members, The Trio has an exquisitely large collective vocabulary. It is rare to encounter a word that Marisa, Jordan, and (English-major) Amanda have never heard, but alas, the name of this restaurant, Tryst, was one. The dictionary defines it as “a private, romantic rendezvous between two lovers,” but we are partial to the restaurant’s own definition, “a love affair with food and wine.” Everything about Tryst, a bistro located just outside of Boston in Arlington, Mass., embodies this love affair.

The dictionary definition, though, is what comes across in the physical space of the restaurant. When The Trio arrived for dinner, the ambient lighting was low, creating a romantic, alluring vibe. The overall look of the restaurant was contemporary and classy, which is exactly how we would characterize the menu.

Having previously researched the restaurant, we knew that we absolutely had to start with a selection from Tryst’s taco menu. T’s Taco Bar offers a fabulous appetizer of 3 tacos for $10 (Sun.-Wed., 5-10p.m.), which makes these three college students very happy. There is a variety of options and it was immensely difficult for us to choose just 3. Lucky for us, we didn’t have to; we got one of each of their delicious “two bite” tacos.  Although all were fantastic, each member of The Trio had a personal favorite that matched her personality. For Amanda, it was the Pork al Pastor (pork and pineapple is a fantastic combination), for Marisa it was the Buffalo Cauliflower (the one that put a terrific twist on a classic veggie), and for Jordan it had to be the Mushroom (paired with goat cheese it was a match made in savory heaven).

When it came to the main course, Marisa went for one of her favorites: salmon. Tryst served theirs in a soy-mustard glaze, delicately placed over a crispy coconut rice cake surrounded by sauteéd mushrooms. She felt the rice cake was a bit chewy and bland, but the salmon itself was absolutely exquisite. Marisa couldn’t help but dip each forkful in the savory soy sauce that lay at the bottom of the plate. To go along with her fish, she also got an order of roasted kale with raisins, quinoa crunch, and yogurt. She found it tasty, but a bit underseasoned. All in all, though, she was impressed by how beautiful and delicious her meal was.

Equally delicious was Amanda’s meal. Although Amanda had a lot of trouble deciding what to order, she went out on a limb and decided to try a dish she was unfamiliar with. In an interesting departure from a traditional pasta dish, Tryst used longer pieces of pasta as casing for a smooth and delicious fall filling. Cutting into a parcel of pasta was similar to opening a delicious present.

Earlier that day, Jordan had taken a huge exam and did not have the opportunity to eat a proper meal beforehand. The only thing getting her through the day was thinking about stuffing her face with Tryst’s Ultimate Burger and truffle fries. The burger was a work of art. Typically not afraid to dig right in, Jordan didn’t know how to approach eating such a thing; the burger was HUGE. Since there seemed to be no neat way to go about it, she just went for it. The freshness of the heirloom tomato cut through the salt from the bacon and beef, but the star of the show was the sunny side up egg. Biting into the yolk released liquid gold and added another layer of richness to the dish. It truly was a testament to its name: Jordan had the Ultimate Experience.

Despite their full stomachs, dessert was not even a question. Marisa (the pumpkin fanatic) decidedly ordered Tryst’s pumpkin cheesecake for the three to share. The dish was a thing of beauty. The miniature cheesecake was ornately topped with fresh whipped cream, pieces of salted macadamia bark, and a brown sugar glaze. The cheesecake itself was mouth-watering, but the bits of macadamia bark were unique and offered an excellent complement to the dessert’s pumpkin flavor.

Perhaps the best part of The Trio’s experience though was the service. It is not often that The Trio goes out of their way to harp on about the service at any restaurant, but we have to make an exception for Tryst. Speaking to our waitress was more akin to speaking to a friend as we quizzed her about the menu and solicited advice regarding what to order. From the time we entered the door to the time we departed, The Trio felt well-taken care of in a way that all other restaurants should aim for.

One last definition for the word tryst is “an agreement to meet at a certain time or place.” The Trio could not have been happier with their agreement to meet up at a certain time in Tryst the restaurant, as their love affair with food was in full bloom.


**Our meal was provided courtesy of Tryst, but this article only contains the honest and true opinions of The Trio.**