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Want something Delicious with that Novel?


Photos by Cat Lau, Words by Lindsay Smith

Walking down Newbury Street, you will pass an interesting brownstone. At first glance, Trident Booksellers and Café looks like a regular bookstore, buttake a closer look and you will findpeople sitting at small, intimate tables munching on anything from calamari to specialized sandwiches. Is it a bookstore? Or is it a café? Trident is both!

I tried to manage my expectations. What more could a small café in a bookstore offer than a simple sandwich or a standard cup of soup? Apparently a lot-I opened the menu and to my surprise, there was a plethora of options ranging from apple and Brie omelet to malted Belgian Waffles. Everything in between consisted of a myriad of delicious diner options including: salads, sandwiches, falafel wraps, burgers, hearty soups and milkshakes.

I decided to go with the crunchy western ranch salad and the iced crimson berry herbal tea. The corn and black beans gave a hint of Mexican food that I was craving. The cheddar and avocado combined with ranch dressing gave me a cool and creamy flavor to soothe the spice. The lettuce and tortilla chips gave me the crunch that brought some different textures to the stage. The crimson herbal tea was absolutely scrumptious, leaving me with a fruity and icy aftertaste following every sip. My friend ordered the caprese salad with chicken, which boasted generous slices of velvety mozzarella, tangy vinaigrette, and mouth-watering juicy chicken grilled to perfection.

Trident recently renovated their second floor, so make sure you check it out! The seats by the windows make a perfect study spot while the diner creates a old school backdrop. Make sure to bring friends so you can try a little bit of all the tasty secrets hidden in this bookstore.

With their friendly wait staff and casual college atmosphere, Trident Booksellers and Café is a desirable spot for an evening out, a shopping break, or even just a quick snack. After tasting their food, I think Trident might take what’s on the plate even more seriously than what’s on the shelves.

338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, 02115 617-267-8688 Mon-Sun:8 AM-12 AM