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Using Dining Points Just Got Sweeter


Using Dining Points Just Got Sweeter


Photos and Words by Paulina Limasalle


100 Bay State Road is a food haven for hungry BU students. However, the bakery at Rize is a hidden gem. Every day the eatery makes a variety of delectable pastries--everything from red velvet cupcakes to cannolis. Rize offers a variety of options for breakfast, lunch or early dinner, but the most impressive is its option to create customizable cakes. When I first discovered the order form online, I was skeptical; the idea that I could have a cake made on campus and purchased with dining points seemed too good to be true. Nonetheless, I needed dessert for a last-minute Super Bowl party so I decided to take the risk.

Upon receiving my cake, I was pleasantly surprised. The cake was simple and round but tastefully decorated with chocolate frosting patterns and chocolate dipped strawberries. I opted for vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, and my only other request was for “Go Broncos” to be written on it. From this, the bakery team deduced that I was a loyal fan and went above and beyond to personalize my order. They created a white chocolate replica of the team and drizzled the strawberries with Broncos colors.

I was satisfied with the taste as well. The cake was moist but somewhat overpowered by the thick, decorative frosting. Although the frosting was a little sweet for my personal taste, the overall product consoled me when my team lost miserably last Sunday.

The bakery team’s attention to detail is especially impressive and I strongly encourage others to take advantage of this service! The order form is easy to complete, but I have included some pointers to further streamline the process.

  1. Make sure to give Rize about 48 hours to process your order. Pick-up time is during regular store hours, which are 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  2. To order, go to and click on the link for “Rize makes Custom Birthday Cakes.” (Cake orders do not have to be strictly for birthday celebrations.)
  3. The flavor options for the cake and frosting are chocolate or vanilla, but you can further customize your order by purchasing add-ons such as chocolate dipped strawberries, frosting flowers, chocolate flowers and other “personal customization.” (A bakery team member will contact you for clarification if you choose the additional “personal customization” option.)
  4. Be conscious of the prices! The cake itself costs $25, but it will feed 10 to 12 people and a personal message is included. Be aware that it costs $5 for one add-on, $7.50 for two and $9.50 for three. The “personal customization” add-on is an additional $10. Rize takes Visa, MasterCard, dining points and convenience points.
  5. For those who may not know, Rize is located in the basement of 100 Bay State Road. Happy eating!