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The Salty Pig


The Salty Pig

Amanda Barone

Words by Amanda DeJesus

Having worked in a Deli for a year and a half, my mouth starts watering whenever someone mentions charcuterie. I am also spoiled having lived outside of San Francisco, home to Molinari Salame and similar incredible companies. That’s why, when my friend called me up to try out The Salty Pig in Back Bay, I hopped on board.

Eating at The Salty Pig is a great experience if you are a food sharer and you like to try a thousand different things. Everyone gets to customize their own charcuterie board, choosing one “stinky cheese”, one “salty pig part”, and any additions you may want, such as cured olives or fig jam. This is where it gets difficult: that list of meats and cheeses is hard to narrow down. That’s where bringing a few friends along comes in handy. My friends and I made a deal that we would all order different things and then rotate. For my board, I got camembert cheese, tuscan fennel salame, and cured olives. The camembert, from New York, was incredible, and the salame had just the right amount of spice. My friends’ prosciutto and goat cheese stood out as well. The board also came with several crostini, some sweet whole grain mustard, and some house-made pickles, allowing us to layer everything together for the perfect bite.

Besides the charcuterie boards, the Salty Pig also offers a few appetizers and side dishes. We split the burrata, served with more prosciutto, melon, and radish. If you’ve never had burrata, this is a great place to start. It showcases the already incredible cheese wonderfully. We also split cocktails and dessert: a round of negronis, a chocolate torte served in a mini mason jar, and glasses of Port or Moscato to round out the meal. We all left feeling full and satisfied.

The Salty Pig is lively, has great decor, and friendly service. I will be returning soon, eager to try the many other stinky cheeses and salty pig parts on the menu.

The Salty Pig
BOSTON, MA 02116