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The Perfect Place for an "In-Between" Seasonal Appetite!


The Perfect Place for an "In-Between" Seasonal Appetite!


Photos by Amanda Sabga, Words by Lindsay Smith

In this transitional time between summer and fall, our appetites are shifting. In the summer, we crave light and cool foods like watermelon, iced tea, and salads; in the winter we crave hearty and hot dishes like soups, hot chocolate, and pasta. Since the time of year we’re in right now is “in-between," we have an “in-between” appetite too. On those days when you’re craving a meal that fills you up and leaves you feeling satisfied and refreshed instead of stuffed and bloated, be sure to find Umai on Newbury Street. The sushi there is prepared with light and fresh ingredients that fill you up without leaving you feeling too full; and Umai is always serving up colorful, exotic, and tasty sushi dishes.

Umai has a small and very comfortable atmosphere. Customers are welcomed with cozy and quaint vibes; the structure of the restaurant is very “Newbury-esque”. It’s situated in a brownstone, like the majority of small stores and restaurants on the street. It boasts a rounded out area with windows at the front where some extra tables have been squeezed in for a more unique seating arrangement. And the walls exhibit distinct pieces of artwork surrounding the modern tables in the restaurant.

As for the food, Umai shows off a menu with an extremely wide variety of both raw and cooked sushi. If you are like me, you’ll take a different route and reach for the variety of the cooked over the raw stuff. And if you’re a conventional sushi eater, the menu has endless options. It has anything from vegetables, to a myriad of raw fish--even filet mignon in some sushi form. Umai definitely accommodates a wide variety of tastes.

I personally recommend the butterfly maki. It consists of lightly fried butterfly shrimp beautifully presented in sushi rolls drizzled with a delicately tangy mango sauce. Then there is the miso soup, especially the one with mushrooms. It is just hearty enough to satisfy that little bit of extra appetite that needs to be filled aside from the main course. The menu even has “create your own” options, allowing customers to pick and choose a few different options to put on one plate for dinner—because it’s simply too hard to pick just one!

Umai’s prices are pretty reasonable for the high-end sushi experience. Whether you want to drop by for a small snack or a full-fledged dinner, you’ll see that the prices of different items on the menu range anywhere from four to 15 dollars. When you see the quality of the food, the prices will definitely be worth it!

Umai is located at 224 Newbury Street and is open from 12 to 9:45 Sundays and 11:15 to 9:45 every other day of the week. They also deliver and allow online ordering during these hours as well, which is super convenient for college students! But no matter what your age and what stage your seasonal appetite is in, Umai meets the quality requirements and tingles the taste of any type of sushi lover—whether conventional or unconventional—and leaves customers with a satisfied feeling that can only be accomplished by eating awesome food—and especially, extraordinary sushi!

Umai Restaurant 224 Newbury St., Boston 617 262 2228 Hours: Monday-Saturday from 11:15-9:45; Sunday from 12:00-9:45. Delivery available