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The Famous Flower-Gelato is Finally in Boston


The Famous Flower-Gelato is Finally in Boston


Photos by Preyaa Docu, Words by Khanh Ta

Have you ever seen a flower made of gelato? No? Well, now you can thanks to Amorino, the international Italian gelato franchise, that has finally launched its Boston location on Newbury Street in the last couple of weeks.

The founders, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, were inspired by their childhood memories of gelato which led them t0 open this unique dessert franchise. The first shop was opened in Paris, and Amorino later expanded to 54 locations, with Boston now being the 55th.

The difference between gelato and normal ice cream is that the former uses milk, making it denser, while the latter uses cream. Today, the base and many other ingredients for the gelato is still produced in Paris, then shipped over to the various locations.

Known for its unique aesthetics, Amorino delivers its ice cream in rose shapes. To make the perfect frozen flower, Amorino workers use a special spatula that looks like flat spoon to softly layer the gelato flavors over each other piece by piece, mimicking each petal gently. They usually start out the bud with one flavor, then work the other flavors around it.

While your eyes are sure in for a treat, the twenty-five flavors of gelato will ensue that your taste buds also receive a treat. Ranging from the sweet, soft, creamy Stracciatella to the refreshing sourness of Mango sorbet to the contemporary Blueberry Cheesecake, Amorino has flavors to satisfy every gelato pallet. For those who have aversions to the sometimes crystallized texture of ice cream, no need to worry. Amorino is beyond ice; the cream is thick and dense enough for your spoon to make a two-spin twirl to scoop out a bite.

While the gelato is definitely Instagram-worthy, make sure to come by Amorino earlier during the day, as the cones often run out by early afternoon! The shop is small too, so be aware of the tight, long lines; they may be uncomfortable and inconvenient, but the gelato is definitely worth the wait. Even though gelato is their specialty, Amorino also has Macaroons, chocolates, waffles, crepes and more for you to try and enjoy!

Address: 249 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 585-3185
Open hours: 12:00pm to 10:00pm