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The Breakfast Club: Something Old, Something New


The Breakfast Club: Something Old, Something New

Ally Bryant

 Words by Cindy Lee, Photos by Rika Kihara

In the middle of Harvard Business School lies a hidden treasure full of flavor and nostalgia: The Breakfast Club. And just like the classic '80s movie, I wanted to pump my fist in the air in triumph as I walked away dramatically. That’s how good the food was.


Instantly welcomed by the staff and smell of slightly burnt toast, I sat down at the bar. The walls are plastered in posters, photographs, and various memorabilia from decades past. Metal Star Wars lunchboxes litter the shelves, inspiring a nostalgia that people my age might not remember but love to indulge in all the same. That classic diner feel that gets lost in an ever-evolving city makes you feel like you’re in a movie.  

With a large selection of menu items, The Breakfast Club has it all -- from sweet potato hash to Nutella French toast. Thirsty for a fresh drink, I ordered the Peachy Keen smoothie and Rika ordered the Strawberry Sensation. The first sip was unforgettable. Tangy peach hit my tongue, cooling me down after a long, uncomfortably warm walk to this diner from my apartment. This diner is a little hard to get to by public transportation -- there’s no real convenient T stop, so you’ll have to do a bit of walking but it’s absolutely worth it.


Soon came the food. I ordered the eggs benedict with bacon, while Rika had the blueberry pancakes. Portions are large; Rika could only finish one of her pancakes, and I had to leave some potatoes and the English muffins behind.  The eggs benedict, in terms of flavor, was phenomenal. The hollandaise was creamy and warm, slightly salty and buttery smooth, complementing the crunch of the toasted English muffin and the greasy, crispy bacon. The potatoes were lightly seasoned, offering a nice palate cleanser after the symphony of flavor from the eggs benedict. Of course, I couldn’t help but add hot sauce to further up the spice factor to my meal! My only complaint would be that the egg was slightly overcooked. When I cut into the steaming hot egg, I was disappointed. Instead of a runny, glistening yolk, I was smacked with a slightly firm yolk. Eggs benedict is defined by that runny yolk, and my meal lost a bit of its magic.


Overall, I’d definitely recommend The Breakfast Club. In a city where food trends are always changing and unique restaurants are everywhere, The Breakfast Club is a timeless escape for those who just want some good old-fashioned oversized pancakes and fluffy scrambled eggs, especially after a long night out. If you miss home-cooked meals made by your mom, The Breakfast Club is the place for you.