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Tatte Bakery and Cafe Review


Tatte Bakery and Cafe Review


Photos by Haritha Pavuluri, Words by Chloe Chow

As soon as you open the jingling door to Tatte Bakery and Cafe, it’s clear that you’ve stumbled upon a gem. The problem is, you’re not the only one to have discovered it. This up-and-coming bakery has had non-stop business ever since it generated publicity in its partnership with Williams-Sonoma, landed a spot on Buzzfeed’s list of Top Bakeries to Try Before You Die and Oprah’s Favorite Things, and catered for a Donna Karan event in the Hamptons.

The bustling eatery is conveniently located right off the St. Mary’s top on the Green C line, and its calm, minimalist interior betrays its hubbub. If you go during peak hours, this hot location in Brookline even has a line spilling out the door. Despite the crisp feel in the air, customers still covet the outdoor seating that Tatte provides. Stepping foot inside the cafe, the first thing you hear is staff calling out names and orders, sidestepping customers in line. Lucky patrons take up permanent residence at the small metal tables or bar stools with their heaping plates of food. The wait can be torturous if you’re impatient or in a hurry, so plan accordingly. I personally passed the time by salivating over the spread of pastries and tarts displayed temptingly in glass cases on a long table near the door. In the corner of the eatery is a giant fridge displaying their fruit boxes and cakes - they taste just as good as they look. Tatte is renowned for their nut boxes, which we’re nuts about! The nut boxes feature said ingredient in a butter crust with a honey spread inside.

Yet, there is a reason Tatte is a cafe as well as a bakery. Their salads and sandwiches are fresh and hearty, and in my opinion always taste better on the weekends. For savory meals, you can’t go wrong with the shakshuka, breakfast sandwich, and croque monsieur. While we’re being honest though, their pastries are what keep customers coming back. Fair warning - Tatte’s prices may make you pause. While it may be expensive for those on budget, the quality and portion size are worth it. The warm, European aesthetic is as much a factor in its loyal customer-base as the attractive food is. The intimate, contemporary space combined with rustic furniture lends itself to a trendy vibe.

If you’re looking for great coffee and yummy brunch and pastries-to-go in South, Tatte’s got you covered.

Tatte Cafe and Bakery has four other locations in Boston and Cambridge. It is open weekdays from 7am - 8pm, Saturday 8am-8pm and Sunday 9am-6pm.