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Stephanie's on Newbury

Bri Garrett

Words and Photos by Rachel Rex 

Everyone loves a good brunch. Whether you want pancakes stacked high or greasy eggs and bacon, there’s plenty of great places in Boston that are friendly to a college student’s wallet. But when Fred, TasteBUds’ former editor-in-chief, came back to Boston for a visit, we knew we had to pick somewhere a little fancier to celebrate his return to Beantown.


Fred, Bri, Adrienne and I chose Stephanie’s on Newbury to reminisce about the old times over a delicious breakfast. The restaurant is big – ready for dinner crowds of tourists looking for a nice meal – but at 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday, the place wasn’t crowded at all. After sipping some great coffee and mulling over the breakfast menu, I decided on the eggs shakshuka. I’ve always been tempted to order this dish but had never ordered it at other restaurants, and I figured Stephanie’s was a great place to try it out. Since I had been so torn over getting something sweet or something savory, I also ordered a sticky bun to split with Adrienne.


Eggs shakshuka is a dish that looks pretty impressive upon first arrival: a cast iron skillet contains two over-easy eggs swimming in a bright red sauce. I took a bite and was immediately amazed at the flavor; how many different spices could they fit in this dish?!? The dish’s main component is its sauce, but it had such well-rounded flavor that I didn’t get tired of it at all. The runny eggs added a nice, basic way to cut through the flavors of the tomato-based sauce. Using delicious French bread to soak up the eggs and sauce, I definitely felt full after finishing my shakshuka.

Of course, I couldn’t forget about the sticky bun. Perhaps I didn’t necessarily need it after my filling breakfast, but it was still a nice touch of sweetness. The sticky bun was good, but not the best I’ve ever had; it was a bit too dry for my taste.

Next time you’re looking for a place to get a nice breakfast, forget all your old go-to spots and treat yourself to a breakfast at Stephanie’s. It’s a classic restaurant to visit when you’re catching up with friends or when you need to celebrate a special occasion. Maybe the brunch was so good that Fred will come back to visit us again soon!