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Say It with Chocolates


Say It with Chocolates


Photos by Cat Lau, Words by Samantha Mellman

“I wouldn’t be happy if I was given a box of Russell Stovers,” said Rhonda. She works the cashier in the Lindt Chocolate store at the Lenox Hotel on Boylston Street. Chocolate is a luxury item just like cars, jewelry, and clothes are.

The first thing a person sees when he or she receives a gift is the box it is wrapped in. Russell Stovers can be just as delicious as Lindt chocolates, but the first impression is already made when the gift wrapping is removed; however, Rhonda does not advocate that Lindt has the best quality chocolates. She said the chocolates cost $14 per pound whereas the Godiva equivalent sells at $50. This is because Lindt chocolates have a higher milk content and a smaller amount of cocoa product; the amount of cocoa ultimately determines how high the chocolate price can soar.

Adam works besides Rhonda and said he would be happy with receiving chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but does not consider it the most thoughtful gift. If a person is set on buying chocolates as their main present, it better be the best chocolate that they can afford. There are chocolate shops throughout the Boston downtown area and when a person wants to go above the ordinary mass produced truffles from Lindt, they might venture to a chocolatier with a personal touch.

L.A. Burdick looks like a small house squeezed in-between two high rises off Newbury Street. The chocolate company established in Walpole, New Hampshire in 1987, is fairly new compared to Swiss made Lindt, which was rooted in 1845. L.A. Burdick only has a few locations in the northeast, but their chocolates can have more appeal then Lindt. All their chocolates are hand crafted and mixed with cocoa imported from Grenada, a stand-out feature from their European counterparts. One of their signature items are the ganache mice and penguins made out of milk, dark and white chocolate, then filled with different fruit or spice flavors. A box of nine of these critters for a valentine will cost $32.

However, if your lover prefers quantity and quality, then head over to Godiva at the Prudential Plaza. Shopping at Godiva is like walking into a Gucci store. All of their boxes contain different shaped and flavored pieces. Their average assortments with 19 chocolates cost no less than $30. The next notch-up would be a box of truffles and chocolates ranging from $50 to $75. Now you can decide whether you would rather splurge on a romantic dinner or on these Belgian chocolates for the same price.