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Fred Chang

Words by Josie Ouellette, Photos by Adrienne Sheh 

As a huge dipping sauce lover, I never say no to trying a new sauce. Saus, known for its “focus on condiments,” is a small bar/restaurant that uses counter service for food ordering. Initially entering, you are greeted by a dimly lit atmosphere, old-timey music, and chalkboard menus listing all Saus has to offer. The menu ranges from its infamous poutine to sandwiches to waffle sundaes. Of course, there’s also a board entirely dedicated to the Saus’s, well, sauces.

As I approached the counter to order I was truly at a loss after looking at the long list of dipping sauces. The kind wait staff offered to surprise my friends and me, so I rolled with blind trust. We decided to order poutine (who doesn’t like fries covered with cheese curds and gravy?), the Sloppy Jacques, the Spicy Tuna Roll, and the BBQ One. After bringing out the order, the waitress also brought us two of their most popular sauces, the Vampire Slayer and the Bacon Parm.

The initial first bite of poutine was absolute heaven. Originally a Canadian favorite, the dish is now well-known around the U.S. To create this snack, crispy French fries are smothered in gravy and topped with chunky cheese curds. Does it sound like a heart attack waiting to happen? Absolutely. But it is definitely worth it. Adding the dipping sauces made it all the better as well. The Vampire Slayer tastes like what you would expect—lots and lots of garlicy flavor. The Bacon Parm is a parmesan-based sauce served warm with bacon mixed in.

After demolishing the poutine, we moved on to our sandwiches. The Spicy Tuna Roll consisted of a large portion of spicy tuna made with the restaurant’s Haut Saus placed into a fluffy brioche roll with pickles and topped with shaved Brussel sprouts. As an avid Brussel sprout eater, these were my favorite part. The combination in its entirety was absolutely delicious, and adding the Vampire Slayer sauce made it all the better.

The BBQ One sandwich was a dry rubbed pork belly with a brioche roll, cole slaw, and Sweet Bill’s BBQ sauce on top. The BBQ was very tangy and flavorful but not too sweet. The cole slaw added a nice crunch to the sandwich and combined perfectly with the pork, which just melted in your mouth.

The Sloppy Jacques is a beef sandwich braised in stout and bacon with pickled red onions, cheddar and Saus ketchup on top. The sauce was very delicious and looked very much like the sloppy joe that most kids ate in their childhood. The pickled red onions gave a nice crunch and flavorful punch to the beef, and the melting cheddar really helped bring it all together.

In the end, Saus is a great place to go to spend time with friends or, if you’re feeling a little more special, go out on a hot date. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is wonderful.