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Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker House

Amanda Barone

Words and Photos by: Meghana Patnana

I am seated in the oldest-running hotel in the country and its dark wood is encasing me from the cold, Boston air. The old-time yellow lamps illuminating the room, and booths and big chairs give it a very “homey” feel. The waiter sets the menu in front of me and I don’t open it because I know exactly what I am getting, the Boston Cream Pie. The pie was invented inside the hotel itself by Armenian-French chef, M. Sanzian in 1856, and is a rendition of the early American, “Pudding-Cake Pie.”

For those of you that have not tried a Boston Cream Pie, it is made up of moist, yellow sponge cake, cream filling and usually topped with frosted chocolate. Bakeries and restaurants may choose to layer the sponge cake and cream filling as many times as they please; but, typically the cream filling is in between two cakes, (this dessert is called a pie, but by definition is mostly a cake).

I ordered my pie with black coffee, a drink without any sugar so it would not interfere with the excitement that was about to go into my mouth!

The Omni Parker House prepared their cake with a cream filling instead of the filling shown in between the two sponge cakes. It was frosted with milk chocolate icing, and drizzled with white icing. The bed of the plate was also decorated with the chocolate icing, raspberry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream sitting next to it. Really can’t go wrong with chocolate, soft cake and whipped cream.

Now about the taste, it was everything sweet and nice. Except, the dessert came a little bit too cold almost frozen and this took away the moistness of the sponge cake and the soft fun that Boston cream pie usually brings.

Although, the pie (or cake) definitely cured my sweet tooth, I was still intrigued enough to go back again and try a main course!

Omni Parker House
(617) 227-8600
60 School St,
Boston, MA 02108