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Fred Chang

Photos by Adrienne Sheh, Words by Josie Ouellette

My mom always told me to never judge a book by its cover. Just because it may look rough does not mean that what is inside won’t be one of the best things you’ve ever read. Hole-in-the-wall restaurants easily apply to this reference.

Located in Allston, OliToki, by first impression, doesn’t seem too appealing, but the food exceeded all expectations. OliToki is a Korean fusion restaurant that specializes in munchies for your late-night cravings or regular munchies in general. In a sense, it is the Korean version of Basho.

As a fan of bowl-like dishes (especially Basho’s sushi bowls), I decided to get the packed bowl. The bowl comes with a bed of white rice topped with cilantro, purple cabbage, kimchi, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and Spicy Toki Sauce. OliToki gives you the option to add a protein to your dish, so I decided to add crispy tofu. Their menu also features a “5 Dolla Munchies” section, which includes a variety of odd-sounding, delicious items such as kimchi bacon fried rice and bulgogi beef and cheese eggrolls. I decided to order the pork dumplings as well, while my friend decided to order the wings with OliToki sauce and the ramen seasoned fries.

The packed bowl was filled with many different combinations of flavors. I am not typically a fan of Kimchi, but this one was quite tasty. The Spicy Toki Sauce added a nice tangy barbeque-like touch to the bowl. The dumplings were tasty as well, with soft flavorful pork on the inside encased in a soft but crunchy dumpling casing. The OliToki flavored wings were also very tangy and slightly spicy. It tasted like a combination of orange chicken and General Tso’s chicken. The fries’ ramen flavor was very interesting. The overall flavor was not overwhelming, and the fries had a perfect crunch to them. If you’re ever craving ramen without exactly wanting ramen, this is a great dish to grab.

The restaurant is very small, with a few tables and chalkboards covering the walls that you can freely draw on. They also have TVs above the counter that you can watch as you enjoy your food. Overall, the food was great. OliToki has take-out and delivery service available as well for the days when you are too lazy to leave your room. They also have party platters available for their wings if you ever decide regular Buffalo wings are too mainstream.