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Fred Chang

Words by Zach Tanimoto, Photos by Adrienne Sheh

Hipster coffeehouse. Need I say more?

Ogawa is a small Japanese coffeehouse located on Milk Street in downtown crossing. Although it’s a T ride away, the coffee there is #worth. I guarantee it.

Ogawa is a classy, cozy hole-in-the-wall (somewhat literally) café that puts the aesthetic in aesthetically pleasing. The shop runs deep, and features an all white color scheme with solid black tables and chairs. And if you aren’t feeling regular seating, in the back of the shop is stadium-style bleacher seating, where customers can casually relax and observe the baristas’ latte art in action. The bleachers even have small tables to do work on!

Being a huge coffee fan, I decided to go with my favorite go-to: the latte. A coffee shop classic, the latte is simply espresso and milk, mild and rich in flavor. And Ogawa’s latte was perfect. The milk was steamed perfectly - there wasn’t too much foam, and the milk blended amazingly with the espresso. The cup was creamy and rich, with a nice mild and fruity aftertaste. And for those who can’t stand dark, bitter, caffeinated liquid, Ogawa is also known for their matcha - or green tea - lattes. With just the right amount of sweetness, the matcha balances the mild milk perfectly, cutting in to the sweet with a tinge of bitterness. While other coffee shops tend to water down their green tea lattes with a good amount of milk, Ogawa stays true to their star ingredient. Not enough matcha? Try the matcha cake rolls, hand made, and only available after noon!

Ogawa also has a selection of breakfast foods, snacks, and pastries. My friend and I ordered the avocado toast and the breakfast bagel (bacon, egg, and cheese). The breakfast bagel…well, it’s a breakfast bagel. Can’t go wrong with that. The avocado toast, however, was refreshing and unique. The toast was elevated with a Japanese twist of sweet chili mayo sauce, and then topped with black sesame seeds. California, it’s time to step up your avo-toast game.

All in all, the Ogawa experience is a satisfying one. Need a nice study spot, or a place to catch up with your friend? Ogawa will do. Need a new picture to compliment your Instagram aesthetic? Ogawa’s got you covered.

 Tl;dr: Ogawa’s coffee is 10/10. Bring your Canon.