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Missing Home? A Special Recommendation for International Students


Missing Home? A Special Recommendation for International Students


Photos by Rachel Dua, Words by Haolin (Molly) Qi

Now that the fall semester is in full swing, and the excitement of the start of the school year has waned, you may be starting to feel a little homesick. Especially with the stress of midterms, you deserve a comforting meal to relax and focus you. Of course, it is common to miss your parents’ homecooked meals, especially for those of us international students.


For those of you international students from Japan, the restaurant I am going to introduce today is Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ located at 1002 Beacon Street. The location is very convenient for BU students; only a 10-minute walk from Warren Towers in central campus. The décor is very Japanese in style, with walls lined in wood and bamboo. Gyu-Kaku is a very interactive restaurant in that there are personal barbeques at each table at which you can prepare your own meal.


The service is excellent, the waitstaff is very polite and also very attentive and quick. As Gyu-Kaku is a self-barbeque restaurant, the way the food is prepared is up to you. The combination of the variety of fresh meat and several delicious sauces with which you can pair the meat make for a mouth-wateringly savory meal. My favorite pairing was the cubed beef dipped in a dark, salty sauce. When cooking the beef, the cube shape allows for just the outer edges of the beef to get crispy while the inside remains tender; the salty sauce with which I paired it enhances the juicy flavor of the beef.


The dessert at Gyu-Kaku is just as tantalizing as their entrées. My personal favorite is the Green Tea Mille Crêpe. It has several layers of papery-thin crepes, and on top of each layer is a green tea cream that has a strong tea flavor but isn’t too sweet. Green tea ice cream is also served alongside the crepe and tastes so fabulous that I doubt I could ever grow tired of it. The Green Tea Mille Crepe is actually a dessert created in collaboration with Lady M Confections, an internationally recognized bakery that specializes in mille crepes.

While the food at Gyu-Kaku is delicious, it can be slightly pricey. Looking at the menu, the items do not seem to be all that expensive; however, in comparison to the amount of food you get the price is a bit steep. Each meal is a relatively small portion, with the average cost for each person around $30. I would recommend going for lunch– treat yourself between classes! Gyu-Kaku has a Happy Hour menu everyday from 11:30 am- 5:00 pm that has an incredible value. However, prepare to leave the restaurant smelling a little smoky. As to be expected of any barbeque, the smell of smoke stays on your hair and clothes. Overall, Gyu-Kaku is a fun restaurant that is worth giving a shot, especially if you are up for a savory, interactive meal.

1002 Beacon Street, Brookline
(617) 264-6190
Lunch everyday 11:30-3; Dinner Mon-Sat 3-10:30, Sun 3-9:30
Happy Hour during lunch everyday 11:30-5; Dinner Mon-Thu 9-10:30