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Mei Mei: Good Eats Without Breaking the Bank


Mei Mei: Good Eats Without Breaking the Bank


Photos and Words by Sophie Lipitz

Nestled in the Audubon Circle neighborhood of Fenway on the other side of the St. Mary Street's overpass, Mei Mei excels in cuteness and quality. Walls clad with chalk drawings of their farm-to-table philosophy and shelves stacked with sriracha bottles, spices, and cookbooks, Mei Mei’s ambiance cries lip-smacking goodness. I attended both the lunch and dinner services, seeking out their ‘must-haves’ and ‘not-so-worth-it’ dishes. Starting with the dinner service I found two exceptional dishes: The Piggery Farm Rib Tips and the Pierogi Dumplings. Dry fried and smothered in a chili garlic sauce, the rib tips brought just the right heat and sweetness to the palette as well as having a perfect cook and crunch on the skin. The Pierogis, were sweet and crispy and were perfectly accompanied by a house made peach preserve and sour cream, a flavor combination that was reminiscent of the Ashkenazi latke.

I considered Mei Mei’s lunch service very strong. Decorated with dandelion yellow steel chairs and stools and on a late Sunday afternoon, the small spot flooded with sunshine making, the meal to come even more desirable. Pleasantly matching the cheerful aesthetic and oozing with bright orange yolk was Mei Mei’s redefined scallion pancake. Served on traditional Chinese dinnerware, the “Double Awesome” takes Asian fusion to new heights. Thoughtfully accessorized with a local greens pesto, medium cheddar, and pasture raised cottage bacon, this new take on an “oozy egg” breakfast sandwich truly stood out. Unlike some of the dishes I tried in their dinner service, the Double Awesome was flavorful without becoming overpowering. In my opinion, that was the best offering available at this quaint neighborhood spot. A must-taste lunch destination and an excellent study spot Mei Mei is just a 2 minute walk from the BU Photonics Building and by far worth the chilly stroll.

Must Haves: Piggery Farm Rib Tips, Pierogi Dumplings, Steam Buns, and the Double Awesome Pancake Sandwich

Not worth it: Cukeberry Salad and Lamb JaJang Noodles

Mei Mei
506 Park Drive
Boston, MA