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Limoo Tea Bar

Fred Chang

Words by Sophia Dorsainvil-Johnson, Photos by Lisa Pham

On the far end of Commonwealth Avenue lies an Asian restaurant where one can find bubble tea, good conversation and tasty food. Limoo Tea Bar & Grill is ready for nightlife, opening at 3 p.m. most days and closing at 1 a.m. To commemorate its anniversary, the restaurant held two events, both of which I attended.

The first event took place the weekend of September 16th. Limoo offered bubble tea on the house with the purchase of a meal. My friend and I walked in excited to try their flavors, which vary from fruit teas to classic bubble teas. They even have alcoholic selections (although the alcohol wasn’t part of the promotion). At around 8 p.m., it was very busy. Each seat was occupied by an adult enjoying a beverage. Not much light illuminated the room, giving it a deeper bar feel. Our waitress greeted us with a smile and handed us a menu. We ordered the party size truffle fries and Korean fried wings.

However, when it came to ordering our beverages, I tried to order a thai milk tea with boba. They informed me that they had run out of their milk teas. This was a huge bummer, but it was a free promotion, so I figured I could still enjoy a fruit tea. I ordered a strawberry bubble tea with boba. It was delicious, with real strawberries at the bottom. You can really taste the herbs, and it wasn’t too sweet, like lemonade. The food came out promptly. It was delicious and very filling. We couldn’t finish all of the fries because the party size was definitely meant for more than two people. We could hear other customers enjoying their meal. Overall the first anniversary celebration was a success.

About a month later, Limoo posted on its Facebook page that they would have a follow-up event. The staff wanted to make it up to the customers who had been limited in bubble tea choices due to the size of the crowds at the first event. Being the boba-holics that my friend and I are, we agreed to go for round two, but this time, we would bring three other friends. When we got there, there was an even larger crowd. We were greeted with a 20-minute wait time, which wasn’t that bad considering how packed the restaurant was. 

Once seated, the first thing we asked for was for milk tea. Unfortunately, much to our disdain, the waitress told us that they had run out of boba all together, so we were forced to order lychee jelly or popping boba. Hearing that pretty much ruined the mood—we had come for the boba and bubble tea—but it was something we learned to live with. However, when ordering, we found that the promotion only applied to a certain part of the menu, which wasn’t mentioned beforehand. We wanted to get the Korean wings and truffle fries again, but that would mean we couldn’t get the free bubble tea. This confused us, seeing as we got away with it the first time. It would’ve been better if we were informed of the restrictions.

The confusion at Limoo’s anniversary events should not discourage anyone from visiting. On normal occasions, Limoo is a great restaurant where the food is fantastic and flavorful. The only complaint I have is for the shortage of bubble tea, which can be contradictory yet expected when a restaurant specializes in that item.

In all, I would definitely recommend Limoo Tea Bar & Grill for any BU students looking for Asian cuisine at a reasonable price. Good for a date night or hanging with friends, visit in the afternoon for prompt service or go at night for a cooler, busier ambiance.'

Limoo Tea Bar and Grill

(617) 396-8823

1032 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215