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Kitchen Serves Up Comfort


Kitchen Serves Up Comfort


Photos and Words by Bri Garrett

Kitchen is a very appropriate name for a very homey restaurant.

Everything from the food to the lighting exudes comfort. It’s like you’re eating right out of your kitchen at home. 

Upon entering, customers must walk down a flight of stairs and into the main entrance where they are greeted by low lighting and an intimate atmosphere. The kitchen, where chefs are preparing every meal, and the seating are all in the same area. All combined, this creates a den-like atmosphere; an invitation to sit back and relax like you would on your couch at home while simultaneously watching your mom cook your favorite meal.

The brunch menu, in particular, mixes simple with elaborate. You can order a standard scrambled eggs breakfast, or be bold and order some crab cakes or fried oysters. 

I, feeling nostalgic for breakfast at home, went standard and ordered a simple scrambled egg breakfast complete with the works - bacon, breakfast potatoes, and toast. It was nice to be able to smell the aromas of my breakfast before it got to my table. They say you eat with all five of your senses, and at Kitchen I used all five - smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and even touching (you can’t eat bacon any other way). 

Although, the presentation of my food was not the most elegant or creative, it fit the theme of a comfortable Sunday brunch. Served on a silver tray with handles, it reminded me of being served breakfast in bed, very simple and charming. 

I could say the same about the food. My meal consisted of very traditional, but delicious, scrambled eggs that were buttery and fluffy at every bite. The bacon, though a little crispy for my taste, was flavorful and not overly greasy or salty. But my personal favorite part of the meal was the potatoes, which were the perfect combination of crunchy and soft, and the coating of spices on the outside gave them just the right amount of kick.

The other two companions at my table both enjoyed their very different choices than mine - crab cakes and calamari. Like Lulu’s, Kitchen is another representation of the beauty of brunch. 

The crab cakes were presented beautifully on a clean white plate, and were described as “light” and “delicious,” while the calamari was said to be “fresh” and “crisp.” My friends left the restaurant just as satisfied as I was. 

We all unanimously agreed that Kitchen is a great Sunday spot, if you’re looking for something true to a real, homestyle brunch. Next time, I think I’ll try their dinner and dessert. 

560 Tremont St.
Boston, MA