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Kendall Square's Hidden Gem


Kendall Square's Hidden Gem


Photos by Ellie Jordan, Words by Lindsay Smith


Kendall Square is an interesting place. In the past when I went there, I felt like I didn’t really know my way around. I never knew exactly where to go. Then it hit me this past Summer. My friend introduced me to the Friendly Toast, Kendall’s hidden gem. It is now the place where I will go every time I’m in Kendall Square. Every. Single. Time. The most striking characteristics of the Friendly Toast are its chill atmosphere and funky décor. Everyone who works there is really laid back, almost to the point that you feel like you’re just joining some friends for lunch or dinner! The walls are also covered with anything from old advertisement posters for Levi's jeans, to monkeys, to abstract art. Just looking around at everything on the walls is an experience in itself.

I know what you’re saying….”yeah yeah, sounds cool, but let’s skip to the good part– the food!” The Friendly Toast has a surprisingly diverse menu for such a hole-in-the-wall sort of place. Anything and everything—from fluffy eggs stuffed in the middle of a stack of buttery toast on their all-day breakfast menu, to unique and zesty herbal teas, to creamy frappes, or loaded burritos and salads—jumps out of the menu’s pages!

When I went to the Friendly Toast, I was seriously conflicted. With all of the delectable options on the menu, it took me a good half an hour to decide what I wanted to eat. I decided on the chocolate chip, cashew, coconut pancakes, and what a great decision that was! I paired it with a cup of hot pineapple pomegranate herbal tea, which provided just enough sour to pair with my sweet. The loose tea enabled the server to nix the tea bag and instead, all of the fruit and tea leaves were crushed up and put in a small sieve that was submerged in the water so that everything could soak to make a hot, tangy, tropical cup of deliciousness.

My pancakes were enormous, the size of a large dinner plate, and delectably thick. The price of one pancake is $6.75 because they’re so large, but I opted for two for the price of $8.50, which considering the price of one is a good deal and hey, who doesn’t love mouthwatering, sugar-high inducing leftover pancakes as a late-night snack? The gooey, melted chocolate chips paired with the crispy coconut shavings and crunchy cashews combined to create the best pancake-eating experience I’ve ever had! (Not to mention the pancakes were drizzled with a generous covering of coconut sauce that mixed with the warm, melted chocolate).

Prices at the Friendly Toast aren’t too bad, considering the generous portions that are served here. The average range of prices is about $7 to $12, depending on what you order. If that’s a little too steep for you, you’ll get so much food that you could definitely split one meal with a friend.

There are a million reasons why everyone should experience the Friendly Toast. It’s a fabulously unique place filled with fabulously scrumptious food. Go ASAP!

The Friendly Toast 1 Kendall Square b30101 at Binney Street Cambridge, MA 02141 617 621 1200

Hours: Mon-Sat:  8am-10pm Sunday: 8am-3pm

Extra fun facts: Credit cards are accepted and they offer take-out. Be sure to get there early for brunch service– The Friendly Toast won't stay a hidden gem for long!