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The Best Gift the Easter Bunny Could Bring: Brunch at MET Back Bay


The Best Gift the Easter Bunny Could Bring: Brunch at MET Back Bay


Photos and Words by The Trio

Unlike many others this weekend, Marisa and Amanda were not able to make it back home to celebrate Easter with their families. There was only one thing to keep them from falling into irrevocable despair: Easter brunch. Since Easter is one of the only days of the year where The Trio's brunch obsession is not only accepted, but also embraced by the rest of society, they planned this brunch way in advance. When together over Spring Break, the two got down to business and researched the best Easter Sunday brunches in Boston. The first thing to come up was, of course, Stephanie’s on Newbury (Marisa went last year for Easter dinner). But, alas, the acclaimed restaurant is still under construction and will not reopen until later this spring. Not to worry, though, the two quickly discovered another Newbury brunch hotspot: MET Back Bay. After a quick perusal of the menu, Amanda and Marisa decided that this was the place. They immediately made a reservation (gotta get those opentable points), and proceeded to anxiously await what was sure to be a divine brunch for the next four weeks.

Finally, Easter Sunday arrived. Marisa, Amanda, and Amanda's roommate, Katie (taking Jordan’s place in The Trio for the day), made their way over to Newbury Street with happy hearts and hungry stomachs (although Amanda less so as she had pregamed brunch with a ShakeShack burger and concrete and a Georgetown Cupcake Easter special the night before... #treatyoself). They walked into the beautiful restaurant, which was a bit more upscale than The Trio usually goes for, and were immediately greeted and seated in a small room up a flight of stairs. In contrast to the large, bright, open main seating area, they were seated in a smaller, cozier room with a dark booths lining the walls and comfortable, large-back chairs at each of the tables. The waiter came over, filled their glasses with water and handed out menus. It was immediately upon seeing the Easter Specials that the three decided the Sweet Ricotta Beignets were a must.

In no time at all, these delicacies arrived in all of their deep fried glory. Stacked on a wooden platter sat four golden beignets, sprinkled with crushed pistachios, surrounded by sweet caramel sauce, and with a dollop of creamy ricotta cheese in the center. Even that description does not do these beauties justice. The three agreed that these were truly one of the best things that any of them had ever eaten. Their only regret is that they did not order a second plate of the limited edition treats (in church after brunch Amanda prayed that MET Back Bay would bring them back next year).

Their grief after polishing off those beignets did not last long though, for soon enough their decadent entrees appeared. Katie ordered the Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes. Although quite delicious, they weren't quite perfect. The cinnamon streusel was awesome, but the pancakes fell a bit flat. Whereas Katie was hoping for pancakes as fluffy as clouds, she instead received pancakes that were a bit more traditional in the sense that they were thin and huge in diameter. Additionally, they were a bit dry, and when she asked for maple syrup to make them less so, it took a bit of time for it to arrive. In the interim, she tucked into the side dish she had ordered, breakfast potatoes. With these, there were no complaints; they were cut and seasoned to perfection.

Marisa decided to indulge, but as always she went for something savory- the Truffled Croque Madame. When the waiter placed the dish in front of her, she was 99.9% sure that it was the most stunning plate of food she had ever seen. A beautifully fried egg sat atop two thick slices of bread generously filled with a layer of artisanal ham and gruyere cheese. As if this wasn’t enough of a sight, right next to the sandwich was the perfect portion of truffle fries with sage. Marisa quite honestly didn’t know where to begin, but she had to try one of those truffle fries before she dug into her immaculate sandwich. They were out of this world, with just the right amount of crispness and enough truffle to make anyone’s mouth water. The truffle taste of the fries paired wonderfully with the croque madame, which was glorious in its own right. The combination of melted gruyere and ham was absolutely divine, but the fried egg was the cherry on top that brought the whole plate together. It was without a doubt one of the most stellar meals she ever consumed.

Ever the predictable sweet lover, Marisa and Katie could guess what Amanda was going to order the second they came across it on their menus: Nutella Stuffed French Toast. However, nothing could prepare the table for the gargantuan monster of a plate that Amanda received. Although it certainly wasn't the prettiest of presentations, what it lacked in beauty it more than made up for in taste. After all, as the saying goes, it's what's on the inside that counts. At the dish's core was flaky french toast, stuffed with Nutella. MET Back Bay took it up a notch (or ten) by coating it with cinnamon sugar, frying it, and then topping it with salted caramel sauce and caramelized bananas. The result was immaculate. It was nothing like Amanda had ever tasted before; it took all of the best elements from Amanda's brunch all-stars (think: french toast from The Beehive and the Nutella waffle from Café Luna) and combined them to make the plate of her dreams. She hoped to never wake up.

Going into the meal, Amanda and Marisa were afraid that the expectations that had built up over their four weeks of waiting were too high and that reality was going to catch up with them. MET Back Bay rose to the occasion and gave them a better Easter brunch than they ever could have hoped for. If you're looking for a great brunch next weekend, you better hop on over to MET Back Bay.

279 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-0451