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Hail to the Hole-y Blackbird Doughnuts


Hail to the Hole-y Blackbird Doughnuts


Photos and Words by Mia Cirker

After five long snow days and too many episodes of Parks and Rec, the extreme Boston winter and its negative-degree windchill seemed to finally have consumed me to my core, until I remembered: doughnuts exist. Despite the bitter winds and omnipresent mounds of snow, I set out on a sunny Friday for the South End’s very own Blackbird Doughnuts. Only about a 5-10 minute walk from the green line’s Arlington stop, these doughnuts are more than worth the necessary battle with the wind. There are very few things capable of healing the winter blues, mending the hole created inside of you, and I’m sure we can all agree that one is—the very holy—doughnut (especially when it’s a pizza doughnut… yeah, I said PIZZA).

Located on Tremont St., the home of Blackbird Doughnuts is a small shop with, unfortunately, no seating to stay and enjoy the sweet, warm fragrance. Despite this, I had no intention of leaving anytime soon after receiving my box of warm doughnuts considering the decor and employees were inviting, it was cold outside, and let’s be real— I needed to get those doughnuts in me, stat. I ended up basically standing at the counter for 30 minutes, chatting with a woman who actually worked there, popping doughnuts in my mouth, and making recommending to fellow customers on which flavors to try.

The first doughnut I tried was their pepperoni pizza doughnut, which the wonderfully sweet and friendly employee warmed up for me (lunch before dessert; I keep my meals in order). I did have initial reservations about this concoction, as I’m sure you have now as reading about it, but do not be fooled by your tendency to associate doughnuts with dessert, or an extremely unhealthy breakfast. This pepperoni pizza doughnut is all you want in a pizza doughnut— the dough is savory and fluffy, covered in a sweet and herbed tomato sauce and the perfect amount of cheese and pepperoni. Doughnuts for lunch. What a beautiful thing you have done for us, Blackbird Doughnuts.

To follow, I ate the old-fashioned chocolate cake doughnut, also known as the best chocolate cake doughnut I have ever tasted. This doughnut is the definition of decadence, basically black in color because of how chocolate-y it is and so moist, it practically melts in your mouth. I get somewhat emotional when thinking about it! Next was their lemon cream Bismarck doughnut, a yeast-raised, softball-sized doughnut filled with the tangiest lemon cream and covered in sugar. This doughnut was the perfect compliment to their chocolate cake doughnut, offering a lighter option that perfectly balanced tang and sweetness. Totally healthy– health for your soul. Lastly, I finished off with their espresso doughnut, also a yeast-raised doughnut, dipped in an espresso glaze and sprinkled with some espresso powder to top off its beauty. As long as you are a coffee lover like me, this doughnut will fulfill all of your expectations, not letting the sweetness overpower the natural espresso flavor we know and love (and are shamelessly addicted to).

It is an understatement to say these doughnuts fulfilled my expectations, exemplary of sweets only to be defined as divine and holy. With doughnuts made fresh daily and new flavors constantly popping up approximately every two weeks, this place is sure to please. Hurry over to Blackbird Doughnuts one of these weekends when you are ready to fill that gaping hole inside of you, created by these relentless snowstorms and whipping winds. Open Thursday through Sunday from 7am until they sell out, I recommend getting there by noon to be able to snag their best flavors.

Blackbird Doughnuts
492 Tremont St.
Boston, MA, 02116

(617) 482-9000