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George Howell Coffee: A New Respect for Your Morning Cup of Joe

Fred Chang

Article and Photos by Jill McKeon

On a Sunday morning at George Howell Coffee, the lively buzz serves as a warm welcome to Howell’s cozy cafe. Tucked into the lobby of a hotel in Downtown Crossing, the cafe offers a nice place to sit and drink your morning coffee. Howell’s respect for coffee is conveyed through the roaster’s direct trade policy, which ensures a fair and healthy financial relationship between the roaster and the coffee farmers. Many coffees offered on the menu are single-origin roasts, meaning they originate from one specific farm.

We ordered the Alchemy Blend espresso, which comes with a palette-cleansing sparkling water to cut through the intense espresso flavor. The shot was rich and flavorful, with bright citrusy notes that showcased the complexities of the drink. We also ordered a few single-origin coffees with complex and distinct flavors. Although the focus is on the coffee, they also offer breakfast sandwiches and a few pastries to enjoy with your morning cup. The blueberry muffin and the Mexican chocolate cookie were not overly sweet, so they complemented the coffee perfectly.

For anyone interested in learning more about coffee, George Howell Coffee also offers coffee education classes in the cafe on almost any day of the week. The classes allow customers to learn more about making coffee at home and what flavors to look for when drinking coffee. Their wall proudly reads "coffee roaster since 1975," showing Howell’s commitment and expertise to quality coffee. George Howell is rethinking and refining the beverage so many of us enjoy every day, making for a wholesome and refreshing coffee experience.