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FoMu: An Ice Cream Must, Before The Ice Comes


FoMu: An Ice Cream Must, Before The Ice Comes


Photos by Cara DiFabio, Words by Bri Garrett

We all know that the ice and the snow are arriving quicker than we are ready for. But until that happens, there’s still some time for the perfect ice cream fix from a place that serves heaven in a cup/cone: FoMu. Located in Allston, it’s about a 10 to 15 minute walk from BU’s West Campus; surely one better made in flip-flops than in snow boots, but either way it’s worth it in the end.

But before I even experienced my very first spoonful of FoMu deliciousness, the name of the place itself attracted my eye, and so I just had to ask: “What’s the story behind the unique name?”

I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by the answer. The name “FoMu” happens to be a play on the concept of a “Faux Moo,” alluding to the idea that their ice cream is made without any form of dairy product. FoMu is just as clever as it is delicious.

Since no cows mooed in the making of this ice cream, FoMu instead uses coconut milk, a very nutritious alternative. As someone who is lactose intolerant, this was extremely pleasing news to me. I can finally enjoy as much ice cream as I desire without the guilt or worry of having too much dairy. But beyond this factor, coconut milk is also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and contains less allergenic elements than dairy products. Does the term “healthy ice cream” seem like an oxymoron? Usually… but not at FoMu.

As if these features aren’t enough, FoMu’s extensive list of ice cream flavors had me questioning my judgment more than I care to admit. My ice cream choice changed a million times with inner thoughts ranging from, “Maybe I should be festive and order the apple cider doughnut flavor,” to, “maybe I should be daring and order Avocado.” These mixed emotions went on and on until I finally settled on salted caramel, a usual go-to for me.

I couldn’t have been prouder of my decision. I never knew ice cream could be so incredibly thick, without having an overly heavy or chunky quality. But no, the creaminess and smoothness remained in tact, melting in my mouth at every spoonful. To me, my dessert had the silky texture that all ice cream should aspire to possess. And there was no after-taste of coconut, only the benefits that can’t be detected through taste buds.

On top of that, the salted caramel was the perfect combination of salty and sweet, not too overwhelmingly rich and sugary as ice cream can sometimes be. While there’s usually a limit to how much ice cream I can consume, I could have eaten this forever. It’s the type of dessert that you’re never satisfied with, even at the very last spoonful.

I also have a large appreciation for FoMu’s interior. While most ice cream shops tend to be tiny and more of pick-up and go types of places, this interior caters to big groups, with table and chair seating, as well as a long bench that extends along the back wall of the place. You can easily come with a large party without having to worry about rushing home. If you’re impatient like me, you understand that food is best when eaten immediately, especially ice cream.

But guess what? You don’t have to love ice cream to love FoMu. The place also caters to lovers of pastries, with a variety of cakes, cookies displayed behind a glass counter for easy selection and viewing.

It would be best to enjoy this ice cream without frozen fingers and shivering teeth from the cold. But FoMu, being as amazingly accommodating as it is, also offers a winter option as well. You can order online, stock up on pints of your favorite flavors and enjoy the creamy delicacies from the comfort of your own room. Hopefully you have heat, but a warm blanket will also do.

FoMu Ice Cream
481 Cambridge St.
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 903-3276