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Flour Power


Flour Power


Photos and Words by The Trio

There are very few things in this world that can tear an exhausted college student from their bed at eight o’clock on a bitter cold Sunday morning, but the promise of fresh pastries is sure to do the trick. This Sunday, ⅔ of The Trio (unfortunately not even warm sticky buns could lure Jordan out of bed that early) were on the hunt for a substantial breakfast to fuel the long day of studying we had ahead of us. We settled on Flour, a whimsically modern bakery and café. Although Flour has many locations around Boston, we set out to visit their Back Bay store, determined to beat the early morning rush.

Amanda, being the punctual person that she is, arrived at the café early, before it even officially opened for the day. Despite this, she was surprised to find that the line was already extremely long, snaking around the perimeter of the store. As Marisa had not yet arrived (thanks to the always reliable Green Line), Amanda felt as though she was competing in “The Amazing Race: Bakery Edition” as she scrambled through the crowd and made a beeline for a table in the back. She tasted victory as she sat down at a small wooden table, growing all the more excited to taste everything the bakery had to offer. After a few more minutes, Marisa arrived and the two eagerly stepped up to take their place in line. The counter was overflowing with delectable, freshly made pastries, displaying everything from banana bread and almond croissants to raspberry crumb bars and belgian chocolate brownies. The two of us were practically drooling as we neared the front of the line to place our orders.

No stranger to the wonders of Flour (as she had taken her adorable grandparents there the last time they came to visit), Marisa knew exactly what she was going to order before she even set foot in the café. Health nut that she is, she decided to try one of Flour’s signature sandwiches- as a salad (as this is an option for almost every sandwich on the menu)! She went for the roasted sweet potato, served over a bed of organic mesclun greens and adorned with kale, walnut pesto, fresh green apple slices, and a scoop of goat cheese. The crispness of the apples paired perfectly with the sweetness of the potatoes, and the creamy goat cheese was simply the cherry on top. It was a beautifully nutritious way to start her day.

Whereas Marisa went savory, Amanda (as always) went sweet. Directly influenced by her elephant-ear eating father, Amanda has always held a special place in her heart for bakeries and pastries. As a result, it’s one of Amanda’s life goals to discover the perfect chocolate croissant. Throughout this journey, she has tried dozens and dozens and was excited for the opportunity to sample a new competitor. Although Flour does not offer a classic chocolate croissant, Amanda settled for their brioche au chocolat. Although not as delicate and flaky as a traditional croissant, Amanda was far from disappointed. The brioche was deliciously fresh and the gooey chocolate spread practically oozed out of the pastry. This, paired with a crisp and creamy cup of house blend coffee made Amanda feel as though she was in heaven. Knowing that she had a lot of studying to do later in the day, Amanda also decided to order another pastry to take home with her. She asked the girl behind the counter for a recommendation and was encouraged to try a chocolate muffin, which tasted more to her like a chocolate cupcake. Rich, moist, dark, and covered in powdered sugar, there was nothing not to love about this treat. At this time, Amanda would like to extend her dearest thanks to this muffin, for she contributes her success in learning half of a semester’s worth of material in one afternoon directly to its deliciousness.

Feeling particularly generous (and let’s be honest, owing her a favor), Amanda chose one final pastry to bring back to her roommate. For this she went with Flour’s claim to fame: their sticky bun. The dark, sticky caramel pastry is coated with toasted pecans and is so delectable that it actually beat Food Network Chef Bobby Flay’s sticky bun in a “Sticky Bun Throwdown.” Only when it landed on her plate did Amanda truly understand the hype about what she ordered. It was colossal- at least as wide as her palm and as tall as her finger. Stunned by its beauty, she couldn’t help but sample it before tucking it away; sharing is caring, after all. Glazed to perfection, the crunch from the pecans is perfectly complemented by the flaky pastry that falls apart in your mouth. Later, Amanda’s roommate (who worked as a pastry chef over the summer) would wholeheartedly agree.

Flour Bakery and Café went above and beyond in its call of in providing the perfect first meal of the day for these breakfast enthusiasts. The Trio gives Flour its stamp of approval for its gourmet sandwiches and salads, unbelievable pastries, and sprightly atmosphere.

Flour Bakery and Café

Back Bay
131 Clarendon St.
Boston MA 02116
(617) 437-7700

South End
1595 Washington St.

Boston MA 02118
(617) 267-4300