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Fish Market


Fish Market

Fred Chang

Photos and Words by Chloe Chow

Anyone who knows me knows I never say no to sushi. It’s a cardinal rule I stand by, and one I’ve only regretted at those dingy all-you-can-eat sushi places that end in me on a bathroom floor in fetal position, but it’s the one cuisine I can never tire of. Side note: it’s also probably the one that drains my wallet the most. But hey, it’s so worth it. It was with this cheerful mentality that I embarked on my latest candidate, Fish Market Sushi Bar, to see if it could satisfy me. The restaurant itself isn’t hidden by any stretch of the imagination, but the small storefront can be overlooked if you’re not paying attention.

The sushi bar is a minute walk from Blanchard’s, and directly across from Tavern in the Square, giving you a lovely view of the alcoholics who enter before 9 on Thursdays to get their stamp. Heads up, the intimate setting is better suited for one-on-one dinners up to groups of four. If you’re lucky enough to be on a date or with friends and of drinking age, they also serve sake and Japanese beer! Or you could just drink alone, that’s fine too. The interior of Fish Market is decidedly unpretentious with their wooden tables and cyan colored seats. Something that may bother patrons might be the fact that the corner of the sushi bar and two tables are close to the door, but I personally didn’t mind because my head was in the game. The sushi game, that is. Pop music played softly in the background and they had a television in a high corner, but the real entertainment was watching the sushi chefs at work.

In general, I’ve found that sitting at the sushi bar tends to get you faster service and front row seats to the show that is making sushi. First tip: do not go during rush hour on Friday or Saturday, because you’ll probably have to wait. Second tip: actually get sushi! The fish is remarkably fresh and flavorful, and the sushi bar is known for its fun special maki combinations. Yours truly tried the Seared Yellowtail Maki, which is now officially my favorite special roll ever. EVER. This maki is a mildly sweet mouthful thanks to the sweet miso sauce that combines happily with the slightly salty roe on top. And oh, that texture! The tempura crunch along with the cucumber and flying fish roe lends itself to a satisfying bite. I’ve also recently made it my life’s mission to eat uni at every sushi restaurant I’m at, and let me tell you - Fish Market did not disappoint. There’s just something about the rich taste of uni that makes my tastebuds sing. To the outside patron watching this fatass cry over her meal: don’t you dare judge. You know how people are labeled “one shot wonders”? I’m a “one bite wonder” with my uni sushi, aka I crammed it all into my mouth for an explosion of flavor. I was also eyeing the Truffle Maki, but I decided not to push myself past my breaking point. That isn’t to say that the appetizers and entrees aren’t equally as delicious. Fish Market is known for their Avocado Sushi Ball, which I regrettably couldn’t order because I only have one stomach. I’m sure there’s a reason why all the Yelp users rave about it. I did see someone else order it though. The ball, which has won Boston Globe’s Best Appetizer in 2010, is composed of tuna, white tuna, wasabi flying fish roe, and salmon roe wrapped in slices of avocado. The citrus kicker would be the lemon mayo drizzle on top.

For its serving sizes, Fish Market may be a tad on the pricey side to some. But for those dedicated to authenticity and flavor in sushi, look no further.