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Dine Out Boston: Blue Dragon

Fred Chang

Photos by Jocelyn "Jiayin" Fu, words by Fred Chang

Every month since spring semester junior year, my friend Jocelyn, and I do this thing we call “The Monthly Bitch Out.” This is when we go to a nice restaurant that is far, far away from campus, and just rant to each other about whatever it is that grinds our gears, over good food, and sometimes, good wine or drinks. It is one of the most therapeutic things I can ever partake in, because it just relieves me of all of my stress. For the month of March, we decided to go to Blue Dragon for Dine Out Boston. Blue Dragon is an Asian-fusion "small plates" type restaurant over by South Station, owned by renowned Asian chef, Ming Tsai. We chose Blue Dragon over his flagship Blue Ginger, mostly because Blue Ginger is all the way in Wellesley, and neither of us have ever been to a Ming Tsai restaurant before.

The Dine Out Boston menu is extremely similar to the normal menu, while the main bargain for going the Dine Out Boston route is that you get to try five items at the cost of three from the normal menu: you get to choose one snack, three tapas, and get this large, baked cookie dessert. Jocelyn and I both got the Dine Out menu, meaning that between the two of us, there were nine dishes we got to try!

For our snacks, we got the deviled eggs with taro nest and furikakke popcorn. The deviled eggs were made used soy marinated eggs, a delight from our Chinese-Taiwanese childhoods, and had a smoky yet spicy filling inside. It was garnished with crispy taro shoestrings. These were literally one bite, but I loved the inventiveness of using the soy marinated eggs as the base for the deviled eggs. For the popcorn, it was drizzled in furikakke, which is a mixture of seaweed and sesame seeds, normally used to garnish rice to make it taste better. For the popcorn, expect to be snacking on it all night, because they give you a fairly generous portion of it, not that we were complaining, because it was delicious.

For our tapas, we got six in total. I got the suzuki poke tostada, Thai escargot with brioche, and the shortrib and scallion potstickers. For the poke tostada, the suzuki (black bass) sashimi came marinated in ponzu and served with pickled onions and roasted bell peppers, in a crunchy tortilla and with a chimichurri-type sauce. The escargot was confit beautifully, having a crispy exterior and mushroom-like texture to them, and was served with toast and a lime wedge to cut through the richness. And the potstickers were served with chunks of shortrib, making them juicy yet tender, and the aioli sauce with them was spicy and worked with the scallion.

Jocelyn got the spicy pork tail with coconut sticky rice, Berkshire pork bao, and scallop and bacon pad Thai. The pork tail was served with a spicy chili paste, giving it a rich, salty, smoky, spicy, and sweet flavor profile, while the rice acted as a perfect vehicle to soak up those flavors. The pork bao was pieces of pork stuffed into a fluffy Chinese bun and garnished with a slaw made with cabbage and apple. It was refreshing and the combination of pork and apples is a proven winner. For the scallop and bacon pad Thai, it was a bowlful of marinated noodles with pieces of scallop and bacon strung along through them.

And then for the grand finale, the dessert, which was a giant skillet baked chocolate chip cookie drizzled in caramel and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, by this point, the two of us were already extremely full, so we did not get to finish it, but it was delicious and had it not been served with the ice cream, we probably would have asked our incredibly waitress to package it for us. Overall, Blue Dragon is worth a visit!

Address: 324 A St, Boston, MA 02210
Hours: Open today · 3PM–1AM
Phone: (617) 338-8585