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Time to Dig Inn!


Time to Dig Inn!

Fred Chang

 Words by Amanda Barone, Photos by Fred Chang

Copley Square is undoubtedly one of Boston's most iconic areas and one of my favorite places to spend my time. Like many students in Boston, spending the day studying at the Boston Public Library provides the perfect respite when campus hotspots become too busy or trite. I always head to the BPL early in the morning to get a jumpstart on work, which means that I usually grab breakfast on the way there. Fortunately, Copley Square and adjacent Newbury Street offer a huge variety of amazing places to eat- trust me, I've tried most of them. But one of my new favorites has to be Dig Inn on Boylston Street.

Dig Inn's menu is immaculately healthy, sourcing seasonal ingredients and creating innovative menu items with them. The result is awesomely natural food served in interesting ways. In fact, if I had to pick one word to describe Dig Inn, it would be fresh. 

Even just stepping into the eatery feels like a breath of fresh air. There is an abundance of light provided by huge windows in the front and accentuated by bright walls and floors and marble tables. This decor is accented with cool, modern touches like succulents on each of the tables, retro chairs, stone-like crockery, and lettered boards detailing "Dig-isms" like "buy food from farms," "roll with the seasons," "make meals from scratch," and "cook for a person."

Any restaurant can make these statements, but the employees at Dig Inn actually believe in them and incorporate their meanings into their service. At Dig Inn, you can peruse a menu, but you order at a long counter, helped by a line of people. When we dined there, these people were exceptional, giving us recommendations and telling us more about each of the ingredients and items on the line.

In fact, my favorite thing at Dig Inn was ordered on a recommendation from the Manager. Though a huge coffee fanatic, I normally stick to classic drip coffee (especially considering that Dig Inn uses Counter Culture coffee, one of my favorite brands). However, I could not be more pleased with my choice to branch out and try the Autumn Cinnamon Rosemary Latte with almond milk. It was fall in a cup- combining all of the warm flavors and feelings of the season. The only drink that would look cooler on your instagram than this one is an Iced Matcha Latte- the green color layered with the milk looks awesome and tastes just as good if you're a fan of matcha.

Though the coffee alone is reason enough to head to Dig Inn, the menu is just as spectacular- particularly if you love eating clean. Between the three of us, we got a pretty good taste of Dig Inn's menu, which ranges from eggs to grains & things to extras.

As anyone who knows me can predict, I went for a waffle. This wasn't just any waffle though, it was a Gluten-Free Quinoa Waffle with lemon zest ricotta, and maple syrup. Going in, I had my doubts that a waffle that sounds so healthy could also be delicious, but I was happily proved wrong. The major difference was the texture, which was a little more grain-y than a traditional waffle. I also got an extra side of bacon, which was some of the best I've had in Boston.

My friends also got delicious meals. One tried The Egg Sandwich, which I actually got the first time I went to Dig Inn. Hailing from Long Island, I have high standards for my BECs, and I was doubtful Dig Inn's healthier version of its greasy counterpart could meet my expectations. Once again, Dig Inn proves that healthy foods can also be flavorful; this version with a fried egg on brioche with lemon zest ricotta was delicious. 

My other friend, who is a Dig Inn regular, went with her go-to: a Harvest Bowl. One of the best things about this menu is that it is pretty customizable. In hers, my friend got sweet potato, brussels sprouts, kale salad, tomato apricot relish, and a soft boiled egg.

We also got some avocado toast for the table. Though there are many restaurants serving many iterations of this dish, I liked the unique ingredient Dig Inn added: kale salt.

Though it's easy to feel stuffed after a huge breakfast, walking out of Dig Inn we felt refreshed and refueled instead. Dig Inn is an amazing place if you're looking a place with a lot of healthy eats and a very cool aesthetic.

**This meal was provided courtesy of Dig Inn, but this review only contains the honest opinions of the writer.**

Dig Inn
(617) 904-3711
557 Boylston Street
 Boston, MA 02116