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Creamistry in Los Angeles


Creamistry in Los Angeles


Photos and Words by Adrienne Sheh

    Having lactose or gluten intolerances should not stop anybody from enjoying a scoop of ice cream. These days, people are more aware of food intolerances and allergies and there are now many substitutions to accommodate them quite well.

    Being lactose intolerant, I can’t go to a lot of the ice cream/dessert stands in LA like Handel’s or Milk. One I can go to, though, is Creamistry. When you walk into the ice cream shop, they have you choose a size and a base from the four they have -- a premium or organic milk base, a sorbet base, or a coconut milk base: I chose the coconut milk base. Then you choose from a large variety of flavors for your ice cream: I went with a simple French Vanilla flavor because it isn’t as sweet as regular vanilla, according to the cashier. Upon the clerk's suggestion, I picked with the brownie topping to compliment the coconut taste in the ice cream. Creamistry has many different toppings to choose from to be mixed into the ice cream or just to top it off with. After you choose all the ingredients to make your ice cream, they place the mixture in a machine that churns it with liquid nitrogen, freezing the base, and turning it into a rich, creamy scoop of ice cream.

    After I received my ice cream, I realized I forgot I have a gluten intolerance and couldn’t eat the brownie (I had only recently found out about my intolerance) so my friend that came along with me, tried it and told me that the brownie had the perfect amount of sweetness and had a nice, chewy texture to it. It went really well with the flavors of the actual ice cream. The actual ice cream itself was delightful. It was very rich and creamy. Because it was a coconut milk base, there was the slightest hint of coconut but it wasn’t overwhelming like how some other brands of coconut based ice cream can be. The french vanilla flavor wasn’t too sweet like promised. It fulfilled my ice cream craving by far.


    The atmosphere itself has a very open feeling. They had full length glass instead of walls for the area of the restaurant where the customers sit, letting in a lot of sunlight. The chairs and tables themselves were tall, white and very clean and chic. There were also white tiles for their flooring so the combination of the full length mirrors and white interior, mixed in with the smoke from the liquid nitrogen made the atmosphere feel a bit futuristic.

(310) 602-5600
24329 Crenshaw Blvd. Ste G
Torrance, CA 90505