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College Meal Hero: Sabor do Brasil

Ally Bryant

Words by Yanir Regev

Walking through the hidden treasure chest that is Allston, there are so many culinary gems to go through. It is easy to miss so many great restaurants, as people constantly flock to Tavern in the Square and Shabu-Zen, and so many amazing places are overlooked. Sabor do Brasil is a personal favorite of mine that I think is so under-appreciated. I almost want to keep it to myself just so I can keep enjoying it. Unfortunately, I feel too guilty not sharing something as great as this place, so buckle up ladies and gents.

Photo Credit: Sabor do Brasil Twitter

Photo Credit: Sabor do Brasil Twitter

If you cross the street from the Tavern in the Square, and walk westward towards the end of the block, in the corner you will see a small, plain restaurant. It looks so regular and generic: regular tables and chairs, walls painted plain orange. In fact, this place is so small it can only seat eight people max, and even then the restaurant is rarely full. You wonder to yourself, “It must be empty for good reason; it doesn’t even look trendy or interesting. What’s the point?” Then you glance over to see what people are eating, and you have to do a double take. “Is that ALL meat? Oh my god, how much meat is on that plate? How many types of meat, and the juices are pooling on the plate, holy moly…” you think to yourself. So you walk in, and you see the price at 9.99/lb. for all meat, 7.49/lb. for part meat and sides. The smell of fresh meat envelopes you, you see the open bar with moist garlicky rice. You don’t know how you missed this place, but now you are in too deep. You pile a plate with rice, beans, plantains, and go up to the gentleman in the front to ask what’s cooking. He tells you his selection of over 8 different kinds of meats: Picahna, bacon wrapped chicken, brisket, sausages, pork, and more, and you take your pick. The plate is piled high with whatever meat your heart desires, and then after he weighs it, you get charged $10.

Photo Credit: Sabor do Brasil Twitter

Photo Credit: Sabor do Brasil Twitter

“$10???? FOR ALL THIS??” you ask yourself, dumbfounded. "Is this a mistake? Maybe it doesn’t taste good?" You sit down and all your worries sizzle away. The meat is flavorful, juicy, and fresh. Each meat has its own texture, flavor, and appeal. The beefy, garlicky picahna practically explodes with moisture. The juices soak into the butter garlic rice. The Crispy pork envelopes you with its porky goodness. The flavors are fantastic, and you have so much. You eat until you can’t eat anymore, and then you wish you can eat like this everyday… but than it hits you… YOU CAN. You only paid $10 for this ENORMOUS amount of delicious food. You just realized you found one of the best gems in Allston, but you are afraid to share it. Afraid because this shop cannot hold more than 8 people. And, as of now, somehow, nobody knows about it.

I am not sure if it is the right decision to share this secret gem with everyone, but I am nice enough to give whoever reads this the opportunity to join in on one of the greatest places in Allston. I hope the experience you have at Sabor do Brasil is as great as mine was, but I secretly hope nobody finds out about this place.