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Clear Flour Bread

Fred Chang

Photos by Fred Chang, Words by Cindy Lee

Located in a quiet corner of Brookline, Clear Flour Bread is a small, local bakery that sells baked goods and freshly baked bread everyday of the week. The moment you step through the door, you are welcomed by the comforting and joyful staff who without fail, ensures that Clear Flour Bread feels like home.


My first visit to Clear Flour, I purchased the infamous almond chocolate croissant. The first bite was life changing; the flaky, buttery layers were chewy and soft. The almond and chocolate components accented each other so well, combining the whole pastry together into one delectable treat that had me wanting more. My sweet tooth brought me back to Clear Flour the following week, but this time, I purchased the flourless chocolate coconut macaroon and black currant donut. Once again, I was not disappointed a bit. The macaroon was fudgy and had the perfect balance of coconut and chocolate. The donut seemed to be baked rather than fried, and the sourness of the currants cut through the sweetness of the donut.


If you don’t have as big of a sweet tooth as I do, Clear Flour Bread also offers fruit tarts made from assorted fruits, breads that include challah and dinner rolls, and tea cakes made from honey and nuts. Clear Flour often has lines going out the door during their busy hours, and they may run out of several of their more popular items later in the day. So don’t miss out; if you’re lucky enough to grab a chocolate croissant, I can guarantee that you’ll be going back for more week after week.

Clear Flour Bread
178 Thorndike St. 
Brookline, MA 02446