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Bagelsaurus: The Delicious Dinosaur


Bagelsaurus: The Delicious Dinosaur


Photos and Words by The Trio

There are very few people who love bagels more than the members of The Trio. Hailing from Long Island, New York, Amanda and Marisa have been eating bagels since before they could walk. And Jordan's Jewish roots have made her the bagel connoisseur we all know and love. But hey, who doesn't love a good bagel?

Since arriving in Boston, Jordan has been on the hunt for the perfect bagel, forever trying to convince Amanda and Marisa that a great bagel can exist outside of the Empire State. Although skeptical, Amanda and Marisa followed the lead of the self-proclaimed Bagel Queen to Bagelsaurus in Cambridge one snowy day during the spring (because Boston didn't get enough snow in the winter, right?).

For the first time in The Trio's brunching history, it seemed like they were actually going to be early. All was well on the Green Line, but once they transferred to the Red line, their hearts sank as they discovered they had to take a shuttle bus to make it to their destination. At last, Bagelsaurus.

Because nothing says "weekend morning" like a trip to the bagel store, The Trio was expecting a crowd. However, as they walked up to the small storefront, they were shocked to see a large line extending out the door, into the cold and snow. If its large following was any indication, they were in for some roaring bagels.

The interior is minimalistically modern, but the highlight of the space is its divine fresh bagel bakery smell. The Trio couldn't settle on the root of this heavenly aroma- was it the piping hot bagels, like the cheddar garlic or pretzel bagel, or was it someone stirring up delicious spreads like beet hummus or honey rosemary cream cheese? After waiting on a line that moved quickly and going back and forth between bagel designs, it was finally time to order.

Jordan went first, ordering an everything bagel stacked with over medium jumbo egg, cheddar cheese, and mustard butter. She decided to splurge and create an even more decadent bagel by adding avocado. The bitterness from the mustard cut the richness of the egg and creaminess of the avocado. It was the perfect breakfast sandwich served on a bagel only Bagelsaurus could bring to life.

Even though she has lived on Long Island her whole life, Marisa had never had an egg sandwich before (gasp!). Having given up bagels for over a year, she was doubly excited about this Bagelsaurus excursion. She decided on an egg sandwich with egg, feta cheese, and avocado on a sea salt bagel. The first bite made her question all of her life choices up until that point. Why had she waited so long to try one?! The bagel was certainly no doughy Long Island bagel, but the exterior had a great crunch, yet left the inside soft. The sea salt paired perfectly with the feta and avocado. Marisa will certainly not be waiting another year to have one of those amazing bagels

And Amanda, indecisive as ever, went with her gut and go-to: a poppy seed bagel with scallion cream cheese. Although she has probably had hundreds upon hundreds of these bagels in her life (including Long Island's famous Frenegal), this one definitely stood out. Whereas Amanda is used to soft, fluffy bagels, Bagelsaurus offers crunchier, more bread-like bagels, coated with the most generous amount of poppy seeds she had ever seen. The scallion cream cheese pulled all of the flavors together and made for the perfect breakfast bagel.

All in all, it can be agreed that there's nothing better than a bagel. It can also be agreed that Bagelsaurus makes the best The Trio has seen in Boston thus far. This is one dino who won’t be going extinct any time soon.

1796 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
(857) 285-6103