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A Taste of the South at Loretta's Last Call


A Taste of the South at Loretta's Last Call

Rachel Rex

Words and Photos by Sophie Mielnicki

Southern comfort food isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Boston cuisine. However, there is a spot in the Fenway neighborhood that not only dishes out Southern eats, but also that classic Southern hospitality to go right along with it.  When I paid it a visit, it was to check out its weekend brunch selections, but Loretta’s Last Call is a restaurant that offers a variety of classics and twists on Southern-style cuisine.

Walking into Loretta’s was like stepping into a saloon, except rather than cowboys and pistols, it was country star memorabilia and happy customers. After sitting down right next to a signed Dolly Parton picture, my friend and I took a look at its brunch selections, which contained a good mix of hearty Southern fare and other sweet selections.


To start off, we decided to split some classic hush puppies - crispy, deep fried cornmeal balls, served alongside honey cayenne butter. The hush puppies themselves had a delicious texture, with a crisp outside and doughy center, but were a bit bland alone. However, when eaten with the sweet butter, they couldn’t be beat!


For our main dishes, my friend ordered the house smoked turkey and sweet potato hash while I opted for the peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast with whipped cream. One bite into the French toast and it melted in my mouth. The toast itself was soft and perfectly fluffy, while the peanut butter banana stuffing only served to elevate the dish. I had reservations that the peanut butter and banana would overpower the flavors of the meal, but they blended nicely and were subtle enough that I could even taste the cinnamon of the toast. Finally, the whipped cream perfectly brought the whole dish together.


Next, I had a bite of my friends turkey and sweet potato hash. For those who don’t know, hash is mixture of meats, potatoes, and spices mixed with other veggies, often served with an egg on top. I had never had hash before, but I was excited to try something new! The dish was a great blend of sweet and savory flavors, with the sweet potatoes being a particular stand out ingredient.  The turkey was perfectly cooked as well, and to top it all off, the fried egg served to make it an outstanding brunch plate!

Loretta's proved to not only stay true to its country roots, but also succeeded in serving some great Southern food. Not only was everything we ordered delicious, but they also had a long menu full of other yummy options. I’ll be sure to head back to Fenway when I need a change of pace from typical New England fare!

Loretta’s Last Call

1 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215