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Vegan Breakfasts Under 15 Minutes

Marilynne Cheng

Words and Photos by Katherine Lipman

It doesn’t take a lot to have a healthy, filling, delicious breakfast. If you are like me and taking time to cook a substantial breakfast isn’t your cup of tea, then these three recipes are for you. These recipes are simple and use only seven ingredients to make all three of them! I prepared the ingredients the night prior and it took only about fifteen minutes, which makes these recipes ideal for those who rush out to class every morning.

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Vegan Made Easy: Simple At-Home Recipes

Ally Bryant

Words and Photos by Alanna Iwuh

I have been a vegan for nine months now, and it has been the most amazing lifestyle change I have made for myself. I am often posed with questions about what I eat on daily basis. A common misconception about being vegan is that I only eat salads, a bunch of nuts, or nothing at all. I’m here to dismantle this idea one meal at a time -- eating well and getting in a variety of foods is easier than you think.

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Strawberry-Lychee Sorbet


Photos and Words by Fred Chang

Sorbet is a very simple dessert component to make. Equal parts fruit puree to equal parts syrup, maybe an inverse sugar, such as corn syrup, to stabilize the sorbet itself, freeze the base, then blend in a food processor, and you have a creamy, frozen, typically non-dairy dessert.

One of my favorite sorbets to make is strawberry-lychee sorbet. It is unfortunately a seasonal recipe, due to fresh lychees being only available during the summer, and my current attempts at substituting with canned lychees to substitute will only result in a bland, unbreakable pink ice-block. This recipe came about during the summer of 2015, when I was in Boston, taking business classes. I was lucky enough to live close enough to Super 88 that making a trip for lychees was an easy one.

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