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Matcha Mousse


Matcha Mousse

Fred Chang

Photos and Words by Xiawei "Tina" Wu

Matcha Mousse with Red Bean Oreo Base

Many of my friends know that I love baking and making desserts. And the one thing you can’t avoid in a dessert is sugar. So people are always surprised to hear that I prefer to my dessert on the not as sweet side. With that said, matcha green tea has become one of my all-time-favorite ingredients to use. Matcha has a natural bitterness which creates a perfect balance when combined with sugar. So the recipe I have today, it’s a Matcha Mousse with Red Bean Oreo Base.

Ingredient (For a 4-inch in diameter mousse)

For the Mousse
Mascarpone Cheese, 50g
Whip Cream, 110g
Milk, 50g
Gelatin Sheet, 1
Rum, 5g
Matcha Powder, 5g
Powdered sugar, 30g

For the base
Oreo cookies, 40g
Butter, 18g
Red bean paste


  1. In a bowl, soften the gelatin sheet in cold water

  2. Line a parchment paper at the bottom of a 4-inch spring form pan

  3. Melt the butter in the microwave, crush the cookies in a plastic bag with a roller, stir the crumbs with melted butter

  4. Press the Oreo mixture onto the bottom the pan and put the pan into the refrigerator

  5. Whisk together the mascarpone cheese and the rum until it’s smooth

  6. Take the gelatin sheet out and wring all excess water from it

  7. Melt the gelatin sheet in a warm water bath until it’s translucent and combine it with the mascarpone mixture

  8. Combine the matcha powder with the milk

  9. Mix the mascarpone mixture with the matcha milk, and strain it through a chinois/sieve

  10. Combine the whip cream with the powdered sugar, beat the cream until it forms soft peaks

  11. Slowly combine the mascarpone matcha mixture to the cream with a spatula

  12. Take the pan out from the refrigerator and add a layer of red paste on top of the Oreo base

  13. Pour the mousse mixture into the pan and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight

  14. To remove the mousse from the spring form pan, use hot towel to warp around the pan for a moment, open the latch, and lift the mousse

  15. Before serving the mousse, I like to spread a level of matcha powder on top of the mousse to add more matcha taste and bitterness to the mousse