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"What's Shakin' Bacon" Sriracha Fried Rice


"What's Shakin' Bacon" Sriracha Fried Rice

Fred Chang

Photos and Words by Chloe Chow


Some things that my friends have said about my “What’s Shakin’ Bacon” Sriracha Fried Rice:
“Mmm, yeah, so good”
“This is like, surprisingly good coming from you, Chloe”

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

So everyone knows I have a grand total of five dishes that I make over and over again, and this is one of the better ones. It goes over really well because who doesn’t love bacon and sriracha? WOMBO COMBO! The fried rice also keeps pretty well in the fridge. It goes without saying that you can adjust the sriracha if you’re a wimp like me and INCREASE THE BACON to compensate.

-3 cups of cooked white rice (better if it’s a day old so it isn’t as mushy)
-Soy sauce
-2 eggs, 3 if you’re feeling fertile and generous
-Sesame Oil (Olive Oil or Butter works just as well, you disappointment)
-Salt N’ Pepper to taste
-Garlic paste
-1 chopped onion, try not to cry too much. Unless you’re into that sort of thing

First things first, I’m the realest. Secondly, take out your handy-dandy kitchen scissors along with everyone’s Favorite Strip of Meat and cut each of the bacon strips into four pieces. This definitely makes them easier to manage in the pan, and I usually use around six to eight strips of bacon because I’m always hankering for meat. Heh. Fry those suckers until they’re crispy, and set aside on a paper towel and plate. I promise, we’ll come back to them in just a bit. We could never abandon them, right Dad? Dad?

While we’re waiting for him to come home, coat your pan of choice (wok on!)  with sesame oil and toss in the chopped onions and salt and pepper. This will take a few minutes, so go ahead and cook your eggs in a different pan. What I like to do here is crack them sunny-side up, and then when they’re nearly done, I mess up the yolk like it stole my boyfriend and let that cook for a little more. I’m sure there’s a professional name for that messy in-between type of egg (not quite sunny-side, not quite scrambled). Use a fork or a knife to dice up the eggs as fine as you’d like (Hella Fine), and set aside next to the bacon. They’re about to become intimately acquainted! When the onions are beginning to brown, add in the cooked rice and a tablespoon of garlic paste - as much as you can stand (I LOVE garlic paste). Drizzle soy sauce on top for 2 seconds, and stir. Transfer the Nameless eggs and bacon bits (we didn’t forget you guys!) into the pan with the rice and continue to mix. Last but not least, squirt a healthy amount of sriracha on top of this mouthwatering dish. Taste test time! Check if you’d like more soy sauce or sriracha - if not, recipe complete. I’m so proud of you!