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Rachel Rex


Being a vegetarian never stopped Rachel from enjoying good food. A sophomore studying Journalism, Rachel knows how to research creative ways to make food approachable and fun. Whether it be her recipe for red velvet pancakes, or her breakdown on Jewish hamantaschen, Rachel strives to make her food relatable to others. 

As a content editor, Rachel would love to foster a relaxed and friendly relationship with her writers. She wants her writers to see her as the go-to person for bouncing off ideas; helping her writers find a direction for their articles will be a top priority. But most importantly, she wants to form genuine friendships with everyone in the TasteBUds community and make sure that every person feels included.

When it comes to food, Rachel loves to observe how different cultures and regions have different relationships with food. Some of her favorite culinary experiences were visiting her families in Italy and Texas. In Italy, Rachel was able to experience first-hand piles upon piles of her aunt's Italian home-cooking. Just tasting the love that was put into those meals made Rachel realize how deeply Italians connect the ideas of food and family. While she was in Texas, Rachel gained an appreciation for Southern hospitality, and the casual, free, and relaxed lifestyle.

While she bakes constantly, Rachel's favorite thing to bake are cakes. Even though making layer cakes from scratch is labor intensive, blasting Disney music and making the cake with a loved one in mind helps to make the experience all the more fun. Rachel would love to one day open her own cupcake business, where she can continue to bring passion and heart into her creative and thoughtful confections.








Position: Content Editor

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania

Ingredient she cannot live without: Chocolate chips