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Rachel Rex

September 04, 2018TBHS1009.jpg

What's your favorite part about being an editor for TasteBUds?

I really like hearing about all the cool ideas our writers have! They often cover awesome restaurants or create beautiful dishes, and I love being in a position where I get to read and review what they have to say. I really do use our writers' articles as inspiration for my own food adventures - shout out to our amazing team for opening my eyes to some cool Boston restaurants and recipe ideas!

What's your favorite food?                                                             

Man, that's a tough one. I would say chocolate, but that's a boring answer, so I'll say my favorite food is salmon. I'm a pescatarian, so there aren't a ton of protein-rich foods for me to eat, but salmon is a good option. High-quality salmon is just so flavorful. It's also versatile and super easy to cook, so I can make it whenever!

What's your favorite restaurant?                                                    

The first thing that comes to my mind is The Friendly Toast. I'm a big fan of brunch, and this place always has some great, inexpensive, inventive breakfast options. They put a fun twist on breakfast staples like eggs and pancakes, so you can try something that's both new and familiar. The decor is super funky, too, so it's a fun place to go with friends for a late Sunday brunch in Boston!

What's your favorite TasteBUds article/video/photo gallery?     

Is it biased of me to say my favorite TasteBUds content is our Peek in the Kitchen featuring Flour Bakery? I was able to help out with this shoot, and the chefs were so friendly and knowledgeable. I loved getting such a behind-the-scenes look of the bakery, and I think the video really showed off the bakery's fun, expert atmosphere. Plus, I got free food. So, there's that.








Position: Editor-in-Chief

Major: Public Relations and Political Science

Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania