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Previously Featured Members


Michaela Mazure

November 2016

Michaela Mazure is TasteBUds’ resident Cookie Queen. For Michaela, vanilla is a must in any dessert. In addition to baking cookies and eating desserts, she loves fish and good Italian food. When she is not making her own meals, Michaela loves to go to Angelina’s Ristorante in Ogunquit, Maine; this is her go-to whenever she’s eating out on vacation.


Corinne Ognibene

October 2016

SHA senior Corinne Ognibene is an incredibly talented pastry chef. A Massachusetts native, Corinne is familiar with both Italian and New England fare. Since beginning as a Writer for TasteBUds, Corinne has consistently put out incredible dessert recipes, including one for her baked pumpkin pudding.


Ella Tatum

November 2016

A Los Angeles native, Ella has been exposed to good food from a young age. Ella’s got experience in several different kinds of cuisines, she is extremely skilled in making Latin arepas, but also loves to eat to sushi, especially from her favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, Takao.


Marissa Wu

October 2016

Marissa Wu is currently a sophomore, studying Public Relations and French Studies. Marissa got her culinary start with Betty Crocker cupcakes when she was 11, but has come a long way since then. Now, her favorite things to bake are cookies, simple cakes, bread, and pie dough. Naturally, her favorite things to eat are also baked goods- specifically, croissants and morning buns from Tartine in San Franscisco. She says they’re “a dream.”