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Michaela Mazure


Michaela Mazure is TasteBUds’ resident Cookie Queen. For Michaela, vanilla is a must in any dessert. In addition to baking cookies and eating desserts, she loves fish and good Italian food. When she is not making her own meals, Michaela loves to go to Angelina’s Ristorante in Ogunquit, Maine; this is her go-to whenever she’s eating out on vacation.

The three cooks who have inspired Michaela are Alex Guarnaschelli, Bobby Flay, and her mother. One of her favorite memories growing up was exploring New York City with her mom and finding all of the best bakeries in the city. Michaela loves to be inspired by seeing what professional pastry chefs make in their shops.

Michaela’s favorite culinary reads include the Food Network Magazine and Blog, both of which she reads every day. Cupcake Wars is one of her favorite shows to binge-watch.

Michaela is new to BU, having recently transferred from UMass Amherst. She has always had a passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, Michaela wants to combine her passions for nutrition and food, teaching people how to live healthy lifestyles through exercising and cooking healthy meals for themselves. She also dreams of owning her own baking business on the side.


Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Nutrition

Position in TasteBUds: Writer

Hometown: Burlington, MA

Her favorite article: Healthy Eating on the Road in a Sports Arena