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Marilynne Cheng


What's your favorite part about being an editor for TasteBUds?

I am still relatively new to this editor position, but so far, my favorite part about being an editor is being able to work with this energetic and supportive team behind the scenes of TasteBUds! I look forward to building a close relationship with my writers and helping them along the way J

What's your favorite food?

I have a horrible sweet tooth so my favorite food is definitely some kind of dessert. My favorite dessert is a simple slice of chiffon cake with layers of strawberries and egg white whipped cream. I also can’t resist a chocolate lava cake with dark chocolate oozing out of the center. (Sorry got really specific there)

What's your favorite restaurant?

In Boston, my favorite restaurant is an Italian place called “Grotto”. It’s a small restaurant in the North End, and I had the best lobster linguine there. They also serve an amazing banana bread pudding with caramel ice cream.

What's your favorite TasteBUds article/video/photo gallery?

My favorite TasteBUds articles are recipes written by Fred Chang, our previous Editor-in-Chief. The food he makes are almost too pretty to eat. Pictures of his food are so aesthetically pleasing that his Instagram feed de-stresses me. The creations he put together are super unique and original, for example, the matcha-white chocolate madeleines and the mochi doughnuts.  Visit our recipes page to see for yourself!




Position: Content Editor

Major: Hospitality Administration with a Minor in Communications 

Hometown: Shanghai, China