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Liam O'Brien


Liam enjoys a wide range of food—and as a native of Newton, Massachusetts, he’s no stranger to the variety of eateries throughout the city. Though he’s always on the hunt for delicious food in the Boston area, Liam’s favorite restaurant has to be Coreanos in Allston.

Liam’s articles highlight what it means to be passionate about good food. As a journalism student, he writes colorful, lively reviews of some of Boston’s best restaurants. Liam’s taste is flavor-filled and adventurous, ranging from Hawaiian poke bowls to the health-conscious recipes found within the TB12 Nutrition Manual.

As a lover of burritos and frequent visitor to Mexican restaurants, Liam can’t live without cilantro. He says he feels inspired by Action Bronson’s creative cooking. With all this in mind, it makes sense that Liam’s culinary dreams involve the invention of a General Tso’s chicken sushi burrito. Maybe someday, Liam. Maybe someday.



Class Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

Position in TasteBUds: Writer

Hometown: Newton, MA

His first article: Visit to El Pelon