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Haritha Pavuluri


Managing photo editor Haritha Pavuluri is not one to shy away from food. One of her most memorable moments in life was realizing how strong of a fascination she actually has with food and cooking.  Within her groups of friends, everyone knows that Haritha is the quintessential food-lover; she talks, texts, and posts about food, whether it be her favorite ingredients like Sriracha or ice cream.

A talented photographer with food, portrait, and landscape photography, it was only natural that Haritha would be in charge of the photography team in TasteBUds, directly overseeing photo editors Adrienne Sheh and Katie Fieldhouse. Angles and lighting being two key elements in her stunning pictures, Haritha's abilities with food photography and styling come second to none within the TasteBUds community.

When it comes to food of choice, Haritha loves hot food. Whether it be the blistering hot chicken drumsticks at Bonchon, hot sauce straight out of the bottle, or a classic Indian curry, she lives for spice. As a biology major, Haritha enjoys watching the journey ingredients take from their raw state to their finished form; that is one of the two things she finds rewarding about cooking, the other is being able to eat the finished product.

When it comes to her culinary aspirations, Haritha would love to eat every dish and taste ingredient in the world. In her free time, Haritha loves to chat and tweet with both of her favorite channels, SortedFood and The Topless Baker. For the latter, she loves his gorgeous desserts. For the former, the channel stands for something Haritha loves: she believes that good times are spent eating delicious food and being with great company all together in one. 


Position: Managing Photo Editor

Major: Biology

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Culinary Inspiration: SortedFood