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You'll Go Bananas for Snow Monkey's Subzero Superfood


You'll Go Bananas for Snow Monkey's Subzero Superfood


Words by Grady Erickson, Photos courtesy of Snow Monkey via their website and Kickstarter page

The startup industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of business today. An increasing number of these startups are involving food. According to The Entrepreneur  $2.36 billion was invested in the food startup industry in 2014.

One of these up-in-coming companies is Snow Monkey. Snow Monkey’s creation is a “subzero superfood” that is made for those who like to live a healthy lifestyle, but still want to indulge from time to time. The two Co-founders, Mariana Ferreira and Rachel Geicke, are BU graduates who first came up with the idea in their apartments right here in Boston. Snow Monkey is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help launch the business.

My first question when speaking to Rachel and Mariana was what is a “subzero superfood”? It is a blend of fruits, seeds, and natural stabilizers that make for a vegan, paleo, and nut free frozen treat. All of the ingredients are natural and healthy, making Snow Monkey “a nutritious snack, not just an ice cream alternative”.  There are currently two flavors: Goji Berry and Cacao. Goji Berry was chosen for their high antioxidant content and delicious taste. Like Goji Berry, Cacao was chosen for its taste, but also because cacao beans contain magnesium, iron, and protein.

But what does a monkey have to do with a frozen snack? Rachel explained to me that a Snow Monkey is an extremely smart monkey that is conscious of what it eats.Like a Snow Monkey, the subzero superfood was developed for consumers who share the mindset of healthy eating.

I had the wonderful opportunity to taste both flavors of Snow Monkey and found them to be both delicious. I was more than ecstatic when I found out that they’re also good for me! Rachel and Mariana both like to eat healthy and live active lives, but don’t want to cutout certain treats. Last June in their Boston apartments, testing out new batches on their friends, the two Co-founders tweaked with recipes for frozen concoctions that were healthy and tasty. After finding a recipe that was a hit with their friends, they brought their idea to life by working with professionals and devoting their time to Snow Monkey.

Last Thursday, Snow Monkey launched a Kickstarter Campaign that reached the initial goal of $20,000 in less than a week! While this is quite impressive, the campaign still has a month left and aims to raise more to accomplish things like adding new flavors and the eventual opening pop-up stores. Check Snow Monkey out on their Facebook and Website to stay updated on all their subzero superfood updates!