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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream


You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream


Photos by Haritha Pavuluri, Words by Grady Erickson


When I was in Elementary school, my grandfather would pick me and my brother up from school every day. On days when he could tell we needed a pick-me-up, or he was just feeling some sweets, my grandfather would take us to Pat’s Dream Cream to get a scoop of our favorite ice cream flavor: blue moon. Not to be confused with the beer, blue moon ice cream is the perfect combination of fruity, sweet, sour, and creamy. Some say it tastes like an ice cream version of fruit loops, but to me, it just tastes like heaven.

Unfortunately, Pat’s Dream Cream closed down a few years after I got out of elementary school, and with it went my supply of that creamy drug known as blue moon ice cream. Thinking back, I don’t really miss the ice cream as much as I miss the memory of going to get it with my brother and grandfather.

Since then, I have been to a few places in the Midwest that have blue moon. Whenever I see it, I smile and take a second to reminisce, but I never order it. For me, blue moon will always be associated with a great memory and I feel that if I have it again now it just won’t compare to all the times I got it with my grandfather and my brother. But yet, I still encourage you to try it if you come across it because I believe it is the best flavor ever invented--seriously.

Thinking about all this blue moon recently had given me quite the craving for some ice cream, despite the frigid temperatures. Luckily, JP Licks is only a ten minute walk from my dorm, so the other day a new friend and I went to get some. We conversed about what makes a good strawberry ice cream, about each other’s families, dogs, and even sweaters. During our 45 minute stay we definitely got to know each other better, all thanks to ice cream.

Ice cream is one of those foods that can bring about memories and evoke emotion. What creates more of a buzz in a quiet neighborhood than the ice cream truck? What do people eat when they are sad or happy? Ice cream. Certain foods have that power, and I think that is amazing. People are such complicated, intelligent creatures, and yet frozen cream combined with sugar can excite even the manliest man. Ice cream, and comfort foods in general, are more than just food. They can be a source of healing and hold so many memories. So go out, grab a cone, and smile because you’ve got ice cream and everything is going to be alright.