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What a Water-ful World


What a Water-ful World


Photos by Stephanie Lai, Words by Kiersten Utegg

Did you feel that?  I’m sure you did because it is an unmistakable, in your face, terrorizing addition to our daily lives that we all know will be here for the next 5-6 months.  Hello, cold.  

As the fall chill seeps into our bones and slowly morphs into winter’s blustery hell, begin to think of all the warm things you can use to counteract the inevitable cold.  Crackling fires, fuzzy socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, and hot beverages—they are all ready for some action.  As the temperature drops, I crave a hot cup of coffee in a nice mug, preferably one that I can cuddle up with on the couch while watching Gilmore Girls.  A warm cup of anything, really, seems to thaw the soul and ease the fingertips.  

In fact, a study in 2008 from Science proved that people with warm hands (warmed by hot mugs, for example) tend to be more generous toward others.   This is most likely due to the fact that we are programmed from birth to associate warmth with trustworthiness.  

So, clasping a warm mug might warm you on the outside and the inside.  The most popular warm beverages to place in a mug are coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, all of which have various health benefits, from being a source of antioxidants to preventative of heart disease.   In a time where health seems to be dominating many of our purchasing decisions as consumers, it is important to consider the impact these steamy drinks will have on us in the coming months.  

One hot beverage that has received a strong following is actually one of the most simple—hot water.  Yes folks, if there weren’t already enough reasons to drink water, you now have experts telling you that drinking it hot (lemon optional) will help prevent premature aging!  Wow!  The case has been cracked!  No more wrinkles!


While hot water has been proven to keep you looking young, it will not go so far as to remove wrinkles.  However, drinking hot water does aid in:

  • Digestion
  • Pain
  • Weight loss
  • Blood circulation.  
  • Immune system
  • Lymph system strength
  • Energy
  • pH level balance

These extensive benefits are hard to dismiss without further exploration.  Apparently, warm water is the best cleansing tool, which is why its benefits are so tied to feeling fresh and healthy.  Just as washing your face with warm water can help with acne and irritation and washing your hair in warm water can promote hair growth, consuming warm water will help with your state of being by filtering your internal system.  Health experts recommend drinking a glass of hot water with lemon each morning to help with these benefits.  

So, heaven forbid a day rolls around where you have run out of coffee grounds, tea bags and cocoa packets, you can always fill a glass with hot water, reassured of the fact that your body will benefit from your decision.   Ultimately, the best benefit of drinking hot water is that it is another source of hydration and hydration is key to having a healthy, well-performing system. Drink up, everyone, and withstand the chill as long as possible.   


DISCLAIMER: I am not and do not claim to be a registered dietician or nutritionist. Therefore, the advice you see on this website has been researched, but does not come from someone with professional experience.