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The Glory of Nature Box


The Glory of Nature Box


Photos and Words by Daniela Ratner

You have bought something online at least once. Admit it. The wave of guilt that washes over you after you click the purchase button is nothing compared to the joy of receiving a package on your doorstep. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes, an I-phone or even a textbook for class, your day automatically brightens at the sight of that cardboard box with your name on it. As an avid shopper in the online community, I have noticed that there seems to be a trend within online shopping: Curated subscription boxes of goodies. Basically for a monthly fee (sometimes it is just a one-time purchase), you receive a box of items curated by a specialist in an online store. There is Birch Box, which sends its subscribers a box of curated, high-quality cosmetics. Coffee Crate is another one. The box consists of an assortment of gourmet, ground coffee beans for coffee lovers. There is also GemLove, which sends out unique, fair trade jewelry to their customers. Enter Nature Box. Finally, there is a curated box for food lovers alike! For just $19.95 a month, Nature Box delivers healthy and delicious snacks to last you for a month. Although lets be honest here, for most of us it won’t last more than a week or two. Nature Box is helping people eat healthier without having to drastically change their eating habits. They focus on snacking because they believe it is the easiest habit to change. Every box contains five full-sixed packages of snacks along with recipe ideas. Everything is nutritionist approved and tastes great.

I received my first Nature Box for the month of October. I was thrilled when I got home after a long day of work and saw the brown and green box waiting on my desk. I tore it open and found five white packages with what looked to be the yummiest snacks ever. I have always been a fan of healthy foods such as almonds, granola and dried fruits so I was very pleased with what I got. The October box consisted of: “The Antioxidant boost” trail mix of dark chocolate, peanuts, almonds and dried berries. It also had sun-dried California apricots, dark-cherry granola with pecans and cinnamon, and a mix of salty nuts with sesame crackers. But the best of the bunch were the blueberry almond bites, which were little squares of rice puffs, almonds, and dried blueberries drizzled with yogurt icing. They were only 110 calories per serving. Those little pieces of heaven lasted me about two days.

I received my November box just over a month ago. This time I got carrot chips, garlic roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin-spiced granola, country ranch flavored peas, and chipotle-maple almonds. Everything was delicious but my favorite was actually the carrot chips. Although they may sound like the least appealing, each chip had the perfect amount of sweetness.  Also, it was plus that I consumed about a weeks worth amount of beta-carotene in one day--that is how long it took me to eat the whole bag... one day. I swear I woke up the next day with better vision. Besides the snacks, they also sent me a wonderful recipe idea for the garlic sunflower seeds: broccoli, sunflower seed pesto.


If you love to snack, want to be healthy or don’t have the time to choose the healthiest snacks in the super market, I highly recommend subscribing to Nature Box. I take the serving sizes, put them in a little bag and take them with me on the go. They keep me full through out the day and I don’t feel the guilt of snacking on empty calories. By the way, you should all go like their Facebook page now. They often post great recipe ideas and promotions. And you can get 25% off your first box with the promo code: REFER25