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Autumn Apples


Photos by Cat Lau, Words by Adriana Rush

Ah, Autumn. The season of crisp leaves, and even crispier apples. But after being subjected to the great flavors of Fall year after year, they can manage to become, dare I say, dull. Here are a few uses for those amazing apples I’m sure you enjoyed picking from your local apple farm.

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Foodie Dedication


Photos by Samantha Levy, Words by Paulina Stefanowski

The fellow foodies of Boston showed true dedication on this past October 6. The foodies, including myself and the editors of TasteBUds, all trudged through a cold and rainy Sunday to attend Boston’s annual Local Food Festival, presented by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, and it was well worth the journey. As soon as we emerged by Haymarket, the festival greeted us with rows of food vendors along with cooking exhibitions. And what better way to warm up then with a cup of hot apple cider from the Flour Bakery and Cafe table? The festival could satisfy anyone’s craving, whether it was for bread, cookies, pasta, or some barbecue. We sampled some amazing truffle ravioli from Valicenti Organico as well as pumpkin hummus, which was roasted pumpkin blended with white beans and spices. To add to the excitement, the festival included chefs and bakers from all over New England, so we were able to sample and buy products unavailable in the Boston area. One such business was Lala’s Harvest, a vendor who specializes in homemade baked goods, jams, and jellies. We sampled and loved the seasonal pumpkin butter, which can be spread on toast or eaten right off the spoon!

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Area Four: The "One-Man-Band" of the Boston Restaurant World


Photos and Words by Kristina Laura

Nestled in the middle of Technology Square amidst MIT's tall concrete buildings, sits a pizza lover's haven. Encased in floor-to-ceiling windows, Area Four offers just about anything you might have a hankering for– whether that be their fresh, wood-fired pizzas, a crispy chocolate croissant from the bakery, or an all-beef hot dog from their NYC-inspired food cart sitting outside. If after reading that you're thinking, "Wow, is this place a coffee shop or a pizza parlor?", the answer is "yes".

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Health Bytes: The (Halloween) Magic of Pumpkin Seeds


Photos and Words by Samantha Wood

The time for carving pumpkins has returned, which means pulling out the sticky, stringy guts from inside what will soon be a glowing jack o’ lantern. As for that stringy mess, I don’t have any advice. What I can offer is a way to use those pesky pumpkin seeds. (By the end of this article, you will no longer think they are pesky.)

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