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Seven Textures of Squash


Photos and Words by Fred Chang

Fall is approaching, and it’s time to use a versatile and seasonal ingredient: squash! Butternut, acorn, kabocha, delicata, all of which invoke the earthy and nutty flavors of autumn. Of the plethora of squash to choose from, I prefer delicata squash for it’s beautifully colored skin, easy-to-cut shape, fragrant sweetness and ability to be eaten raw. This beautiful vegetable can be used in many different applications; a variety of textures can be achieved from the multitude of preparations a delicata can be put through. Such an ingredient should be celebrated, especially in season, so without further ado, here are several ideas on what you can do with a squash

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Pasta, Ravioli and Red Gravy. Oh


Photos and Words by Samantha Levy

SOWA Open Market is an indoor winter Farmers Market in the South End where last weekend I discovered Valicenti Organico, a small local business owned and operated by Chefs David Valicenti and Michelle Splaine.  Together they produce fresh pasta, ravioli, sauces, breads, and much more using either ingredients they grow themselves or other locally grown ingredients. Valicenti Organico only makes their famous “Red Gravy” tomato basil sauce during the harvest season when the ingredients are at their peak quality. They collaborate with local farms and dairies to ensure freshness, which lends a sense of community to all of their products.

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